January 19, 2012

Elements of a dream playlist

My dream playlist has to have a perfect mix of key elements.

1. Sentimental songs. Songs that have a strong memory attached, like a song that my sister, Baby Stout, recorded. Or a song that I associate with a certain time of life. "Closer to Fine"

2. Gutsy songs. Songs that make me feel like kicking a wall or screaming really loud when I sing along. "Your Honor"

3. Shake-it songs. Any song that makes you want to dance, and you almost have to dance to it even if you aren't currently on a dance floor. Even if you are running on the treadmill. "Tambourine"

4. Repetitive songs. Running long distances shortens my thoughts. I have stubby, halting thoughts after about mile 10 (or 1), and I like music that matches that. That's why crappy pop music can make a perfect running partner. Did you just say the same thing 20 times over and call it a song? Yes, please. "Toxic"

5. Anything with the word "run." It doesn't matter what context it is in. If they say the word "run" and I'm running, it feels like I have my own theme song. "Run the World"

6. Funny songs. My playlists always include something from Flight of the Conchords because occasionally I need to remember that I'm having fun and that I should be smiling. You can't hear the keytar and not smile. Impossible!

7. Regional songs. State pride. You betcha. "Sweet Home Alabama"

8. You-can songs. These are songs that talk about achieving your dreams. "Fly"

I narrowed my marathon playlist to 9 hours. Say what? I love music, and I like to be able to fast forward when I'm not feeling it. And I always, always shuffle. There is nothing worse for me than anticipating the order of the songs.

Which song on your playlist has the most plays?

"On the Radio" Regina Spektor

Would you add a song category?

Do you shuffle your playlist?


  1. Oh. That's a hilarious list!! I love the 9 hours!!!!!! You need it. What if you want to SKIP songs?! Man, I should start planning my June marathon list NOW!! My song on iTunes with the most plays is "Best Days' by Matt White. I usually run with Pandora. I don't know why, because there are always a ton of songs that I hate!! Lol.

    1. Yes, start planning now! "Best Days" makes a happy running song.:)

  2. I liked this topic. I can not run without music. One time, I was running and my ipod stopped working. Yeah, I finished my run, but it was not as fun. Music keeps me upbeat and going.

    That being said, my music is always, always on shuffle. For each race I run, I change the songs. Mainly I run to very upbeat, fast moving songs. Many Glee, Florence and the Machine, and Pussycat Dolls songs are usually on my list. Justin Bieber has even made it there before. If I want to dance to it, I know I will want to run to it. Upbeat/Motivational songs are also a good thing to run to. My favorite is when I am singing along to the song while running. That is when I know I am really in the groove!!

    1. Music makes me a happier runner too! I would love to see one of your playlists. It sounds perfect!


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