January 7, 2012

Falling while running

Today's run: 10.08 in 1:36:10, mostly flat with a really steep hill at the end and a few steady inclines in the middle

I met up early this morning with my brother Jimmy for my one outdoor run per week. That's right, the rest of the time I'm cranking the miles out at the gym. I know that some people really can't stand treadmills and tracks, but honestly I'm just grateful to be running anywhere. With four kids, any moment of slight peace is like eating a whole chocolate pie solo (minus the totally disgusting sugar hangover). You feel slightly guilty for enjoying yourself so much but also really excited about the prospect. Then when you are finished, you are very ready to get back to eating vegetables again. Getting away from the chaos makes me feel pumped to get back to the mom duties again.

We ran downtown Birmingham over to Legion Field, which was one of the markers in the Ruben Studdard half marathon. Remember Ruben from American Idol. See, Alabama has some things of which to be proud. Sometimes we get our jam on. I didn't run the Ruben, but I loved that he set up the race to raise money for his foundation, which helps jump start kids in music, and that he was planning to actually run. Looks like he went the 5K route. Way to go, Ruben. I'm really proud of him for giving back to this community and being a positive role model. We all know that Ruben is a big dude, and for him to get out there and show people that running is for everyone (not just people whose rib cages are visible under tight shirts) makes me very happy.

Jimmy and I at Legion Field. We like to coordinate our waist ties.

This picture was taken right after a nice biff on the sidewalk. See how one pant leg is rolled up. That's to air out the scrape underneath. Thank goodness for running tights or that knee would be even uglier right now. I guess there was a raised edge on the sidewalk, but I was able to just clip my knee and hand before rolling off into the grass. So graceful. Lately, I've been averaging one fall per long run. So now whenever I see things like broken bottles or sharp rocks on my route, I am imagining just how that may feel implanted in my skull when I fall face first into them. Not super positive thoughts there, but road running isn't always flowers, power plants and traffic dodging. My previous two falls were on trails, so at least there was no concrete to contend with in those.

Goal this week: don't fall.

Indoors it's not a problem, but once I'm outside, I'm going to try to stay focused on my path and not zone out, which increases my tripping. While I'm at it, I'll try picking up my feet or jumping over obstacles.

I'm also officially in the taper zone for the January 22nd Ocala Marathon. So my second goal for this week is to make it to some yoga and cycling classes with the time freed up from running.

What was your best fall when running?

Which group X classes help the most with your running?


  1. I haven't had any wipe outs yet (knock wood) but I worry about it all the time!
    Best group class for running, in my opinion, is spinning! I take a ton of classes spinning is the one class that I really can see a difference in my running. Oh, and I'm a once a week outside runner too - totally fine logging the miles on the 'mill!

  2. I'm so impressed by people who can stay on two feet consistently!!! Thanks for the spin class suggestion. I'm dragging myself to a spin class this week. Two weeks till my marathon, so I'm tapering, which mean no excuses.


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