January 31, 2012

Free race entry in Alabama

Mercedes Marathon is coming up on Feb. 12th, and you can run it for free! Blue Cross Blue Shield is offering free race entries for a few select Alabama races. The number of free entries is limited. Not sure what that means, but my brother and I just signed up for the Mercedes Half tonight for free. I'm super stoked about it. No more coveting my kids' Mercedes Marathon swag bags.

The site is beyourace.com/. It will give you a code to enter during registration at active.com.

If you could see my face right now, you would see the most stoked face you have seen all day. I have been wanting to run Mercedes ever since we moved here, but with all of the other races I have going on, I couldn't justify the funds for another race. I'm also happy because I'm watching Portlandia. So if you don't get to run Mercedes, use Portlandia as your back-up happy pill.


  1. Wow, an insurance company actually does something I like... Amazing. :) Congrats on your entry score. That's great!

    1. So true. Usually I'm complaining about them, but not today.


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