January 28, 2012

Group run and dog business

Today's run: 5.15 miles in 56:57. Group run out on Jemison Trail. Great way to ease back in to a new training plan. Which reminds me that I don't have a plan. Yet.

The path we took is along/near water about two thirds of the way. These are the times when I love Alabama. 

It's tricky, but I try to maintain this expression during the whole run.

Don't worry, we didn't try to run four abreast. Two and two. 

At the tail end of the run, during the stretch and relax portion, I stepped on a fragrant mound of dog poop. Thankfully one of the group runners had a plastic bag to stash the infected shoe in until I could make it home to scrub. This was after a failed attempt at scraping the bottom of my shoe along a fence, with a stick, and in the rain soaked grass. Some situations require a scrub brush. In our house, we use retired tooth brushes for jobs like this. Because I have a fear that one day someone will find a cleaning toothbrush in its under-the-sink hideaway and mistake it for a mouth-worthy brush, I always mark them with an X. X means you don't want this near your face, and today, X was a dog poo annihilator. Thanks, X.

Post-run snack (aka breakfast): wheat bagel, two eggs with purple onions, spinach and sharp cheddar.