January 13, 2012

Help, my toenail is coming off!

Today's run: 6 miles in 49:44. This was an indoor track run, so I ran by feel. I tried to run a pace that felt medium-hard, but sustainable. I am still not a runner that ever thinks of any run as easy, but this run was sort of relaxed at points.

OK, I need your help, people of the interwebs. Back on the first weekend of November, I ran my first marathon in these new socks, CEP compression socks for women in a size 3 according to the calf measurement chart. The legs felt awesome, and I definitely was glad to have them that day to help my calves, as they were very crampy and sore the second half of the race and most likely would have been worse without these.

The bad news is that the foot portion of this sock was slightly too big, and because of that, extra fabric bunched around my big toe. It was very slight, but just enough to be noticeable. Well, in case you are wondering, 26.2 miles of extra fabric against your big toe causes you to lose a toenail.

The nail has changed colors over time, and stopped hurting not long after the race. So I have ignored it, until this week. Warning: the following is all details you won't want to know if you hate feet and talking about flaky toenails. So back to disgusting. Yesterday, over two months after the original incident, it finally started to pop off. I've lost toenails before playing soccer, but I wasn't as worried about them because I didn't have to run 26.2 miles(!) without a toenail. So because one corner of the toenail is hanging on (I didn't really test this fully because I am afraid to go for the full rip), I just left it in its partial cling-on state.

So here's where I need your help. The toenail is growing in underneath, and that weird non-toenail-but-harder-than-skin toe covering seems to be in place under the nail. Should I just go for ripping it all the way off, or should I just leave it alone until after my marathon next weekend?

And in case you don't want to vomit enough already, here's the visual.

One of these toenails is not like the others (to the Sesame Street song tune)

So again, the question is, would it add more toe protection for the marathon to leave it in place, yet slightly loose? Or would it be better to snatch it off and hide it under my kid's pillow?