January 17, 2012

Lowering the boom

Today's run: 5 miles in 48:46, treadmill run, highlight was being able to talk on the phone while still sort of running. I meant to run then go to yoga, but I got the times mixed up. Doh! The goal of going to one yoga class this week is still on the table, ready to be snatched up when I can figure out graphs and charts. 

Here is another little thrift store nugget. This is the kind of book that I would sometimes purchase just for the illustrations, but the info is pretty stellar too. 

I had no idea that people used to take oral vaccines on lumps of sugar. 

Lowering the boom = much more powerful sounding than push-up, but with too many syllables.

What do you think, are these from the 50s or 60s?

Thought of the day: do not let your baby exercise on the treadmill, no matter how bad they want to get on a training plan of their own. The visions of tiny treadmill-exercising babies makes me laugh every time I see this warning. 

Babies, put down your Garmin and get back to the exersaucer.

Sweatiest five miles ever. Ponytails do no mix well with sweat. 

Do you have long hair? How do you keep it from getting tangled and sweaty? 


  1. That lowering the boom is COMEDY!! That's hysterical. I have long curly hair that tangles into one big piece. It's so annoying. I haven't found any great tricks, but loads of leave-in conditioner!

    1. Oh no, I call that dreadlock syndrome -- the tangling of hair into one giant knot during exercise.

  2. I find a super tight braid works well for skiing... Haven't tested it in a marathon, yet...


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