January 20, 2012

Race travel day

Road trip! Ready to hit the trail for the race in Ocala, FL. We are leaving nice and early (thanks to my SIL who's staying with the twinners), hoping to make it before the stars are out tonight.

Getting in a little more descent fuel before I start clogging my arteries with rest stop grub. Hardees, I love you.

Layered in the bowl: Liberte yogurt, raw oats, Trader Joe's milled blueberry flax seed, blueberries. 

Highlight of my running day yesterday was seeing these bad boys come in the mail. Pro compression socks. Review to come after I try them out in my race.

What the stars!

And I'm feeling double lucky that this is my race travel partner.

Rocking the casbah in those boots. 

We'll miss the brothers.

Bodiless orange eater.

 On my packing list was a load of race-day energy tricks. Not sure which ones I will actually use. The Steaz on the left is an unknown, but I impulse bought it at the health food store. Crystal Light Energy definitely packs a powerful caffeine punch, and I would use it or the Steaz pre-race to wake up. The GU will go in my shorts in case I don't like the options at the aid stations. They have stations at every mile in this race. And potties at every station. I might never leave.

If running 26.2 miles doesn't get your heart rate up, these will.

The weather is supposed to be a hot tamale 78 degrees. In the suitcase, top left is what I want to wear to the race (Nike skirt and shirt). Bottom left is all of the just-in-cases.


  1. Good luck! Hope you have an amazing race!!

  2. Good luck and thanks for your comments! I love the vanilla bean GU!

  3. 78 DEGREES?!?!? I would kill for that kind of weather right now (in the middle of a huge ice storm/state of emergency). Good luck at the race, I'll be cheering you on in spirit! And good luck with the new socks, hope they don't cause any toenail problems... :)

  4. 78 degrees sounds incredible, but actually tough running weather. GOOD LUCK!! :)

  5. Thanks, all of y'all!! The weather was tough. It ended up in the 80s before the race was finished. Yuck, but nice for the after party.:)

  6. Sadly I don't like GU. I tried it once and about gagged. NEVER AGAIN!!

    1. Have you tried Hammer gel? They had that at the Ocala race aid stations, and it was delicious! I'm not sure where to buy it, but if you can find it, you should try it. Yum.


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