January 10, 2012

Real beauty is...

Today's run: 5 miles of intermittent sprints (jog .5, TRY to sprint .5) in 41:39, got called to kids' club to change poopy diaper, back to track to "sprint" 1 mile in 7:25. All the miles felt tough because I wasn't feeling it today, but I was excited about pulling off a fast-for-me time on the last mile.

Neurosis of the Stay at Home Marathoner challenged the blog world to post pictures of ourselves that we consider beautiful or kick-a. The point is that we are all beautiful no matter what our jean size or distance between our eyes or the unibrow (I have one so I'm allowed to make fun of them) that connects them. Variety is what makes life interesting, which is why I make my boys have mullets. But really, truly, we are all God's children and all special, unique, and kick-a in our own way.

After you have a trillion kids, looks are mostly the last thing on your mind. You just feel lucky if the shirt you pull out of the dirty clothes hamper to wear doesn't have food stains on it. I feel most beautiful when a two year old gives me a spontaneous hug or I'm laughing. Laughing makes everyone look awesome, or at least distracts people. So here are some of my most beautiful moments.

In the middle of a giant move in 2006, living in temporary housing (with all of our junk packed away) and wrapping the Christmas presents in plastic bags (they are more than just trash can liners). The plastic bags and the excitement of the little kids was making me feel jolly. Looking back, it was such a simple time.

Here is me in 2002 feeling kick-a because I just graduated from college. First lady in my direct family line to get a degree, so I was pretty proud. Thanks, mom, for supporting the dream.

Best midwife and birth ever (my baby #2). My midwife is gorgeous, and I felt awesome because all my birthing dreams were coming true. Hey, I just wore that outfit yesterday. Now that's hot!

And I know you guys were thinking about it, so yes I will mention that Alabama won the BCS championship last night. Of course, you are required to watch the game if you live in Alabama. Not positive, but I think Big Brother monitors it and sends you to a work camp if you don't comply. Even though my first team sport love is soccer, I am always impressed by the sprinting of these players. If you watched the game, the single TD was an amazing sprint by Trent Richardson. He just looked so powerful. I will take that image with me to my marathon for when/if I feel like giving up.

And look, he even underpronates like me.

Image I won't take with me: Nick Saban in his wet t-shirt.

C'mon, ESPN. Children were watching this.

When do you feel most beautiful?

What motivates you in your marathons/races?


  1. The "giant move of 2006" is my FAVORITE! The look of pure joy is priceless, and the smile in your eyes made me smile when I saw it. I also like the photo at the top of your page - look at the muscles you have across your shoulders! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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