January 12, 2012

Running safely

Today's run: 3 miles in 23:16 on track, 7.01 in 58:10 on treadmill. Average pace 8:08. 

Today is my marathon pace training day. I went a little bit under my goal of 8:20 because of the track run in the beginning. I time it on my phone, so I never know how fast I am running until I take out my phone to press stop at the end of the run. In a way, that's nice because I can base my effort on perceived exertion, but sometimes I think I should just give in and buy a Garmin so that I can even out my pace. They are so expensive though! And as far as I know, I can't use them on my indoor track. It's hard for me to justify the Garmin for a once-a-week long run. 

Lunch today is taco salad and a fruit and spinach smoothie. 

Start with some greens.

Heat up some cheese, cilantro, bell peppers, red onions and salsa.

Throw the heated stuff on top of the greens and dig in.

Almond milk, spinach, mixed frozen fruit.

And get ready for green mustaches.

Have any of you read about the missing runner in Sidney, Montana? Sherry Arnold, 43, was last seen at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, January 7, when she left her home for a run. So far, the only reported evidence they have found is her running shoe along one of her usual running paths. She's a well-loved teacher and mom, and her community has pitched in to search. Over 1,000 people volunteered to look for her, and the community has loaned school buses, personal planes and ATVs to help transport volunteers. As tips continue to come in through the automated hot line, 406-433-4027, they have discontinued the ground search. (Source)

Sherry Arnold, 43, missing from Sidney, Montana.

Please keep her and her family in your prayers! And spread word to your circle of friends and acquaintances. Even though we live far away, you never know who may see her face and recognize it. 

If you ever run outside, you have considered the possibility of getting hurt or abducted, and this is a reminder to all of us to do our best to remain safe. Here are some ways to keep safe during your outdoor runs.

1. Carry a phone with you. It might be slightly heavy or inconvenient, but having a phone can allow you to contact someone in case of an emergency. My iPhone lets my husband ping my location, meaning if he is worried about how long I have been out, he can ping me to see where I am.

2. Let others know your route. That way they know where to look if you have been gone too long.

3. Keep it lit up. You can run in a well-lit, more populated area or keep yourself lit up with bright clothing, head lamps, flashlights and back lights. 

4. Be aware of your surroundings. I am a huge fan of headphones, but they can be distracting, especially if you are running in a heavy traffic area. Sometimes I will leave in only one ear bud so that I can listen for passing cars. And just keep your eyes open! In our previous home, I was driving home late at night and noticed a car following us. Because I saw the car in my rear view mirror and felt uncertain about it, I decided to just stop in the neighborhood without going into my driveway. The car stopped behind me, and no one got out. After a few minutes, I decided to drive away from the house, and the car followed me. Luckily, this person eventually decided to stop following me that night, but I don't even want to imagine what could have happened if I hadn't been paying attention. It was late at night with all of my kids in the car, and my husband was out of town. The moral of the story is to pay attention, and listen to your gut when something or someone doesn't seem right.

5. Find a running partner or group. Check for runner groups in your city. Our local running shop hosts weekly runs, which are also a good place to meet potential running partners. If you don't have something like that available, recruit a friend to run with you. 

6. Carry protection. You can buy pepper spray small enough to fit in your hand, and they make some that have a strap so that you can't drop them as easily. Pepper spray can be used on violent animals or humans. I personally have only used it as a prank on my brother (we sprayed it on his phone in middle school and waited for people to call him -- mean, but very hilarious to us) and on a skinhead boy in Russia who was trying to attack me and another girl. It worked both times. 

How do you stay safe when you run?

Have you ever maced someone? 


  1. That's so scary. I've been afraid to run outdoors alone since I moved to Colorado. The wildlife is a little out of control for me. I know they're more scared of me, blah, blah, blah. But I'm plenty scared of them too!! I should probably get that iPhone ping thing.. I have a tendency to wander...

  2. I really hope they find Sherry... sucks that they stopped the ground search. As stupid as it sounds, I refuse to carry my phone with me on my runs. I know that it’s a huge safety thing but I feel like it would be a distraction and I would be tempted to check my email and stupid stuff. I have a Road ID which is more for medical emergencies…


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