January 31, 2012

Speed work and some swag

Today's run: Speed-work day! I hit the treadmill hard today. I usually do half mile increments of recovery and speed for 6 miles, but today, I decided to see how far/long I could push the speed segments. I did .5 warm-up, 2 miles speed, .5 recovery, 1 mile speed, .5 recovery, 1 mile speed, .5 cool down. My speed was from 8.4 to 9 mph, and my recovery was about 6.8 mph. Totals: 6.01 miles in 45:56, average pace 7:39 min/mile. My mantra today: push through discomfort. Sometimes I back off at discomfort because I'm running marathons and feel like I need to practice comfortable speeds that will help me endure to the end. But I resolved today to make my speed-work day uncomfortable, at least at some points. I only have three weeks to practice this, so we'll see if it garners any time improvements in AZ.

Highlight of our week was getting race swag bags for the kids' first marathon, Mercedes Marathon. I was jealous of their swag and tiny technical shirts.


  1. Wow, you are a machine! That is FAST!! Well done, and I love your mantra. Mental toughness is so important, and you obviously have it!

  2. You're totally amazing! If I tried to run that fast or that many marathons, I would break down. Oh wait, I break down anyway running slowly and not doing as many races. (Totally typing all this with a smile. You go, girl!)


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