January 17, 2012

Thrift store finds

Today's run: 5 indoor track miles in 41:19. Late-night run (started at 9 pm) so I am missing my goal of getting to bed by 10. Does it count if I make up for it with a nap tomorrow? Check on drinking three giant glasses of water, though.

Yesterday, our family friends brought this treat over for after dinner. Basically, this is everything I want in a dessert, but I'm staying strong until after the race this weekend. Week three of no desserts. Pretty sure the devil was actually in that dessert box.

I froze these little nuggets for when I get home next week. 

Because my husband (Amory) had a semi-vacation day, meaning he only worked 6 hours instead of 16, I was able to get in the car and speed off into the sunset with just B and E (the older kids) in tow. Being twin-free has its benefits when in a store surrounded by things that are obviously beckoning little fingers to pull them into the cart or crash them into the ground.

Planet Thrift was having a 50% off everything sale, and I just so happen to need 50% off of stuff. My mental list, which I always make before thrift store shopping, included a king-size headboard that is quite ugly but might look cool spray-painted orange, a Garmin watch (dream big, right!), and something on which to hang medals. You can tell I'm running a race this week, right!

I found a perfect headboard for $10 (exclamation point), but A-dawg was not into it based on the iPhone picture.

If you vote that this would look awesome spray painted orange, you are in my new club, where people are awesome.

Although I was aiming high to find a Garmin (I'm not kidding, you really never know what you will find at these places), I did manage to at least find one running accessory. A brand new FuelBelt Revenge with the tags still on it! Maybe a Christmas gift gone wrong? Still needs to be thoroughly washed because it has a nasty case of thrift store dusty grime, but for $1.50, I can sacrifice a little soap.

Child photographers at work. The red bear behind me  is one my daughter was begging to buy. My one firm thrift-store rule: never buy stuffed animals (or undies)!

I found the same belt online for $33.95. That's 96% more than I paid.

The belt has three fluid bottles, and the upside-down bottle is for gel. Can you make your own gel? Just wondering if I would ever fill this with gel? Do you squeeze your GU packet inside it? Look for a review once I've had a chance to experiment with it. Although, to note, I have always thought these were really goofy looking and swore to never buy one. That is a lesson to everyone: don't swear. The second lesson: standards are less important than penny pinching.

This was the closest I got to a medal holder, but I passed based on hating it.

Five dollars if you can tell me what this actually is.

And if you are into fitness, you might also like the following finds.

A motivational ash tray? 
Jogging stroller with pre-bedazzled wheels.
Perfect pick for your new playlist.
As my 8-year-old daughter pointed out, that outfit is just not right, especially "down there."
Post-long-run napping tent.


  1. I'm SUPER jealous of the belt thing! I want one of those. Guess I'll have to head to the thrift store soon...gotta get my fix lol.

  2. Nice find! You have more patience than me..... I hate shopping. :) There are GU recipes out there.... Just google them and you'll find them. Otherwise, one I have always meant to try (but have not - although I did buy the ingredients for it) is here:


    The Thrive cookbook (written by a triathlete) also has a recipe. I'll be curious to hear how the gel flask worked out. My hubby got one, but he didn't care for it - too hard to squeeze the gel out easily. So, now he mixes his GUs in with his drinks. Works for him. Me, I just pin the GUs to my pants and tear them off as needed. :)

    1. Thanks for the recipe! I am definitely going to try this. GU is sooo darn expensive. Maybe I should try buying it in bulk.


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