January 15, 2012

A win and marathon-week goals

Long run: 8.02 in 1:17. Hills! You know when the name of your city includes the word "hills," you've got problems. I usually avoid running my neighborhood because of the hilliness, but on Saturday, I just ran out of time to drive to my favorite spots (still hilly, but not as constant). Because I haven't done these hills in a while, it was awesome to see some slight progress, such as not stopping every five minutes to deal with hill-induced asthma. I made it up all but one without stopping. That's huge progress for me. This picture is at the top of some of the hills.

Hottest (temperature) shirt I own. The view was actually really gorgeous,
but my arms need to be a little longer for you to see it in this picture.

In other good news, I won an entry to the IMS Arizona Marathon from Skinny Runner. The race is February 19th, which means that I'll have about four weeks to roll over from the Ocala Marathon.  That'll be marathons two (Ocala) and three (IMS) sandwiched pretty close together, but I think I can pull it off. Even though, I'd love to be super fast and amazing, just dragging myself over the finish line will make me happy. I love that runners set ten goals for one event, and as the event progresses you progress through the goals, going up or down. As a person who thrives on winging it in most situations, I love that with a marathon, you just really have no concrete idea what the result will be. I have especially less of an idea this time around because my longest training runs have been 16 miles. Not knowing may be something that goes away as you become a more experienced runner, but for now I really enjoy the not knowing and shooting for the stars which might eventually, at around mile 23, just turn into shooting for surviving.

When I found out that I won, the twinners were eating PBandJ in their high chairs, and I started jumping up and down screaming. Maybe an overreaction, but hey, I love winning. And this win means that I might get to see my sister in Cali if I can convince her to drive over to Phoenix and meet me. The twins are in the we-copy-whatever-you-do phase, so they started screaming back. I scream. They scream. I scream. They scream. Excited scream battles can go on for an amazingly long time, if you allow it, and if you love happiness.

We also have to start pretending we live in a place with cold weather. This week started off beautiful, but got glove-cold. When cold weather requires gloves, you know it's at least down to 60 degrees in the south.

These awesome gloves just appeared in my car. Thank you, glove angel.

Goals from this week

No desserts: Didn't eat any desserts, but I did splurge on some root beer with pizza this weekend. Still feeling great with eating less sugar and not having as many cravings.

Take a spin class and yoga class: Went to yoga, but never made it to spin. I fit in some lower and upper body strength training and used a new machine at the gym, so there's that.

Goals for marathon week

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Drink three of these per day. Oh, and read books instead of using them as cup holders.

No desserts: Continue with no desserts until after the race. Did you know I lost a pound for each week that I didn't eat desserts? That's with tapering and everything. Those desserts add up!

Sleep: Go to bed by 10 every night. For reasonable people that is easy, for me, super challenging.

Yoga: Make it to at least one class.

Pack: Have everything ready on Thursday to drive out on Friday.

My heart started beating faster as I typed this. Racing causes anxiety for me, but not a negative anxiety. It's an excited, I'm-so-nervous-I-can't-sleep anxiety. Literally, I can't sleep because when I think about the race, my heart does exactly that, races. My legs are totally still, but my heart jump starts with the thought of moving them all those 26.2 miles. That's when I turn to shavasana, to still and relax everything, including my thoughts.  

What do you do to calm your racing heart before a marathon (or any event)?

What goals do you set for race week?


  1. Man I never thought about setting race week goals! I guess I try to hydrate more in the days before a race. These are great goals though. As for pre-race anxiety, I just picture myself finishing and having fun while doing it...of course this comes from the girl who has only done 5K's so far. Good luck with your marathons, can't wait to hear how you do! I'll send some good vibes your way :)

    1. Thanks! I definitely need to picture myself having fun. It will be fun, right??!! Nervous!

  2. Ooo.. I am super jittery before races!! I like your goals. I should do that -- help me focus. I can't sleep before a 10k... so I can't imagine before a marathon. Haha. congrats on the winning entry!!


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