January 26, 2012

Workout, lunch, giveaway

Today's workout: 1 hour of slow walking on the treadmill while reading "Swamplandia." 45 minutes of slow biking while continuing to read. I've been taking it easy since the marathon this weekend. Yoga class on Tuesday, which somehow turned out to be half pilates, and the easy workout today. My legs aren't feeling sore anymore, so I'm thinking about trying a couple of running miles tomorrow. Not running gets boring quickly.

Today's lunch: mixed greens topped with leftover steak (from my husband's fancy banker dinner out last night), grilled purple onion and red pepper, and avocados.

Salad in a mixing bowl

Today's giveaway: check out Mama Loves Medals who is giving away an awesome knitted headband. Her mom is custom knitting it for the winner in the color you choose. Crocheting is one of my recent loves, and knitters seem like magical yarn elves with their double needles. Is it as tricky as it looks?

Today's goal: finish "Swamplandia" before book club tonight at 8, and don't get blown away in a tornado. The winds and rains are kicking into high gear right now.

What did you have for lunch today? 

What are you going to accomplish by the end of the day?