February 3, 2012

First world problems

Yesterday's run: Marathon pace run on the treadmill. 10 miles in 1:22. My arches were sore, but I'm still airing the stinks out of the orthotics (maybe it's just time to let go of these funky ones) so I ran without them again. Feet are definitely sore after two days without. It could be the new shoes, but my last Karhu transition was seamless.

Today's run: Easy 6-mile track run to "rest" for tomorrow's 16 miler. I didn't really time it, and I lost lap count a couple of times. If I get too caught up in a thought or a song, I will miss my counting point and forget where I'm at in the numbers. I'll have to show you later how I count track laps. It's kind of fun and gives my brain and hands something to do during the miles of track pounding. Finally got my orthotics back in place, and my feet thanked me.

Today's discovery: I found the Pandora station with the most swear words ever. Rap Strength Training station. I forget how many swear words normal rap music has because we have a lot of edited stuff (keeping it clean for the chilluns), and my usual craziest, sweariest music is unedited Black Eyed Peas. BEPs, you're not even close on this one. I like my Stronger (Kanye) station the best for track runs.

Crazy Running Girl is doing a 3-minute plank challenge this month, so I felt compelled to try it. I made it two minutes before I was shaking so bad that I probably could have washed the clothes on my back if I threw some detergent up there. That means, I have some definite work ahead.

You know how we have a lot of first world problems, like not knowing where to look in a crowded elevator and wearing your brand new shirt to go out to eat and getting a food stain. Well I had a new shoe problem this week, that is related in seriousness and depth to first world problems. I combined my new shoes with new socks, and the socks were slightly too short while the new laces were slightly too stiff. About halfway through my run yesterday, I realized that one of the laces was rubbing a raw spot on my leg. I don't have very sensitive skin (meaning I've never used Body Glide, and I don't miss it), so little things like this feel so out of place and irritating. To solve the problem yesterday, I tucked my laces into the shoestrings, and today, I wore my regular socks which reach a little higher up my ankle. Problem solved. First world problem solved.

If you squint, you can see the little irritated dot of skin. 

Back to my Asics socks. Irritation free today.

Speaking of first world problems, having so many toys that your main problem becomes having to clean up a giant mess every day would make it into that category. The twins have a special ability to make a mess of anything, toy or not. Yesterday, they raided the bathroom cabinet for kicks and have proved to me that all they need is a blow dryer, hair ties and a lint roller to have a good time. Goodbye, toys?

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  1. Kids have the most fun with the simplest of things -- like a lint roller. Who needs fancy toys? I have a stick with a role of tape on it, woo hoo!


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