February 4, 2012

Fuel belt win, chia seed fail

Today's run: Long run with my brother, downtown. We followed (sort of) the Mercedes Marathon course, except in reverse. 16 miles in 2:23. I tried out the Fuel Belt today, and in spite of the heckling from my brother, who likes to fast from fluids during long runs, I was happy with the belt's performance. Review to come later.

To the disgust of everyone in my family, I soaked chia seeds in lemon lime Gatorade for the gel bottle in my fuel pack. My logic was that I already had some Gatorade from filling the other bottles, and since it was lemon lime, it would probably just add a lemony flavor to the chia seeds. I gagged down about half of the bottle on my run, and next time, I'll be changing up the recipe. I like the idea of chia seeds just not with lemon lime Gatorade. Some people are into recipes and order. I'm into mixing together whatever ingredients land in front of me on the counter. Fuel belt win. Chia seed mush fail.

Fuel prep on Friday night.

RunKeeper informed me that I just ran my farthest distance in a week, 49.34 miles. And I submitted January's miles, 129.86, to the Birmingham Track Club's 1200 mile club. Only 1,070.14 miles to go.

I had one goal (no more desserts before IMS marathon) fail this week involving some handmade truffles. It was worth it! During my previous dessert fast (the three weeks before the Ocala Marathon), I saved a coveted chocolate caramel dessert in the freezer for after my marathon. A few days later I discovered that the twins had opened the freezer, licked the dessert all over, wiped it across every couch cushion, rubbed their hands along the white flat-paint walls, and then threw the mashed remains under the couch. I'm not sure if it was the mess or the wasted dessert that ratcheted up my anger the most. No, I'm sure. It was definitely the wasted dessert. That's why I couldn't push the truffles aside.

More Mercedes Kids Marathon swag.
A new way to pay for racing addictions. 


  1. What in the world? Wasted dessert is the WORST! You're very creative with your fueling!! Haha.

  2. I have that fuel belt too and really like it. I use it more during the summer heat than in the winter. In the winter I have a single bottle water belt that I use.
    Out of curiosity, why Chia seeds? I guess I know nothing about the seeds, but why not a gu?

    1. Chia seeds are supposed to be a great natural energy source. They talk about them in Born to Run. Those crazy amazing mountain runners just eat chia seeds while they run all day. I love GU, but dang, that junk is expensive.:)


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