February 9, 2012

Give me your best race duo costume ideas!

Today's workout: Marathon pace day. 10 miles on treadmill in 1:22. Also hit the 3 minute plank!

This has been a week of rough runs, so I'm pretty surprised that I pulled this one out. Last week, I was still feeling the post-marathon high. Every run felt like I was floating on a cloud. This week, I'm feeling crappy and hating the first, middle and last steps of every run, and it feels like my feet are dragging through sludge. Also I'm trying to transition to new shoes, and I made the mistake of wearing cotton socks yesterday. Looks like I should have spent some of that training time doing laundry because now I've got a pinky-toe blister on each foot. And you all know that my toes were already disgusting. Like bad. So bad that I had to buy special closed-toe shoes for church. Small children cry over it.

Speaking of small children, I was checking out the shirts for the kids' Mercedes Marathon this weekend, and they seemed extra huge. Both of my children regularly wear a size medium, but I could have sworn that these medium shirts would fit an adult. So of course, I had to test my hypothesis.

So aside from the slightly shorter sleeves, that is for one large medium-sized elementary school kid. Maybe they factor in the obesity problem we have in Alabama. My daughter said at least it would be good for layering -- over all the clothes she owns.

Even though this running week has been rough mentally, I'm trying to not let it get in the way of my attitude for the half marathon this weekend. I get to run with my big brother, who always makes me run faster. My PR was with him last year, and if I'm going to beat that time, it will probably be when I'm running with him. He's the kind of nice person who could run a lot faster but hangs back to force you to turn up your try-ometer. I'm hoping that all of my crappy runs this week will be a set up for a great race this weekend and next weekend. When a bunch of junky stuff happens, the goodness is right around the corner. That's one of my life philosophies. It keeps me from pulling my hair out regularly.

Last important order of business: I want us to have a brother-sister team look on race day. We don't have matching shirts (except the race shirts), so what's something else easy that we could do to look like a cool team? By cool, I mean goofy and janky. We don't have any pride in our appearance. I have two days and zero money, so something homemade would be the best. Any ideas? I'm so serious right now. Help! The winning idea gets an e-high-five.


  1. This might be a little TOO costume-y, but it would be cool if you both dressed as Where's Waldo, but you would obviously be girl Waldo (Walda?). I think it would look super cute with your pigtail/buns. Pretty easy too, just find some red and white striped shirts to wear. :) Good luck at your race, can't wait to hear how it goes!

    1. Where's Walda! I love it. And I already have glasses too!

  2. Whoa, a 3 minute plank! Bad ass!
    Your daughter's comment about the layering, HILARIOUS, made me snicker.
    Don't worry about the bad week for running, next week will rock.

  3. Replies
    1. We could even get free balloons from publix. I can see this going somewhere:)

  4. I'm so bad at thinking of these ideas too. I can only think of couple runners and I keep thinking of Skinny Runner's celebricizing page. Lol.


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