February 6, 2012

My gym is annoying

Today's workout: Morning bodyflow class. Afternoon run, 5 miles in 45 minutes. I walked a lot too while I was talking out some grievances on the phone.

My gym makes us pay extra for daycare. It's pretty affordable at $15 a month, but after about six months of working out there last year, they cut back the hours. Now they close in the middle of the day and have fewer weekend hours. No fee reduction, just service reduction. OK, I can handle that. I'll just work my schedule around their changes.

Now they are asking everyone who is coming to kids club to pick up a pass at the front desk every time we come into the gym. If you've ever struggled to walk a straight line while holding a toddler in each hand, you know how inconvenient any detours can be. Especially ones that require an extra hand to pick up a pass. And if I drop their hand, they run, which presents a whole new scenario of chasing the toddler around the gym while dragging his twin behind me. I can drop them off first, but then I waste time making trips back and forth. It's just annoying all over the place. Sometimes I need every minute of time they allot us to complete my training schedule for the day, and I don't want to waste time running errands for them. Why do I have to keep track of the service for which I pay them every month? Can't they just make a master list? Can't I just get one pass and use it for a month? No, every time I come to the gym I have to go to the front desk. Stupid. And to top it off, they can't see the specifics of our contract in their system, so I need to bring in my contract from last year. Annoyed, annoyed, annoyed.

This is in combination with other reduced services, like taking away wireless internet and towel services after we joined. I just don't get their business model. How hard is it to continue providing wireless internet?

OK, rant over.

And to help you feel love in your heart again, see below.

Twin hugs cure all annoyances.

How would you rate your gym on a scale of 1-10? 

Our previous gym in Florida, Gainesville Health and Fitness, was a 10. Now I'm dealing with a 5.

If you could rant about one annoying thing at your gym, what would it be?