February 23, 2012

Strength training plus marathon training

Yesterday's workout: 1 hour of slow track walking, machines for arms, push-ups, 2 min. plank, lunges and squats. I'm trying to not run until at least Friday, even though I'm itching to start back. The old joints need a rest. 

My soreness from the marathon was gone, but now that I actually did strength training for the first time in forever, I'm more sore than I was after running 26.2 miles. Something is subtly telling me that I don't do strength training enough. That something is every muscle in my body. 

So now one of my goals is to strength train, especially with two hilly races in Tennessee coming up. I know I need the glutes, quads, and hamstrings to be ready to fire on those hills. So I'm going to do at least one day of upper and lower body strength training a week. When I write that out, it sounds slightly pathetic, but if you knew how little I was doing the last few months, you would be impressed by my upgrade from zero. 

I'm missing Arizona today. Being in Arizona for the race meant that I got to spend time with my awesome family who lives there. 

Aren't they cute? And there are even more of them not pictured. We are related to lots of people in AZ.

We did stuff like this.

Is this for real AZ? I didn't even know they had water.

My sister and me.

Running with the saguaros. Cause that's what you do in AZ.

Then this morning, I missed them when I ate some of the delicious grapefruit from the tree in their backyard. Those lemons are from the same backyard. And guess what? The grapefruit doesn't need any sugar. It is perfectly sweet. 

A bowl of AZ.

I got another treat in the mail this week from twentysixtwo.com, a forum for marathon runners. And you can get a stickery treat in the mail too. All you have to do is join the forum! 

Guess who's behind the sticker.

How much strength training do you do when you are marathon training?

Do you like grapefruits with or without sugar? 

When was the last time you visited your family?


  1. What a fun trip with your family! The running photo is great!

  2. OK, not only do we live in the same city, but my daughter was just in Phoenix over the weekend.... really.... to visit a friend. So strange that we are just now crossing paths......... of course, you're a lot faster than I am, but still!

    1. That is crazy! Do you ever do any Trak Shak or Birmingham Track Club runs?

  3. You know, I have yet to run a marathon, so I won't get a 26.2 sticker, but I have always wondered where to get a 13.1 sticker. Anyway, I don't strength train. I like to run, I don't like push-ups! The other day, my sister invited me to do her bootcamp training at her fitness center. It was something different to do. NEVER AGAIN!! I am not a the kind of girl that likes to lift weights, use tension ropes, or continuously doing squats. I like to run. I have been sore for days. Especially my thighs. It has been the worst when sitting up and down. There were tons of grunts every time I sat down. I even injured my arm with a large bloody scrape trying to hold onto a clothes hamper while trying to sit down with ease. The point of all this ranting is...maybe I do need to strength train so that there won't be as much pain!! But I really do like to just run!!

    1. That's hilarious! But not for your bloody arm. It's just so hard to fit that junk (strength training) in. And it hurts!


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