February 18, 2012

Tomorrow is race day

This is it. IMS Arizona Marathon. My next chance to sub-4 a marathon or die trying. And sometimes I worry about that.

I'm hydrated, carb loaded, and hopefully bowel cleared. We have some pills that we nicknamed colon blow, so that sort of tells you how they should work. I took them before my flight to AZ, so we'll see if the clearing holds for a day and a half.

It seemed super appropriate that the marathon expo featured a giant walk-through colon.

If you read this, send up a little prayer for relaxed intestines. And speedy legs. And world peace.


  1. I'm late to read this, I'm assuming you're done by now, can't wait to read about it!

  2. What kind of pills? I have seriously got to find something to fix my "issues"...

    1. Good question! I'm putting that on my list to write about later this week. They have worked awesome in both races that I used them for. No more wondering if I'll be the next viral picture of a runner pooping themselves during a race.


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