March 19, 2012

Come race with us in Alabama

If you are considering a race in Alabama or are trying to make it part of your 50 states challenge, here's a little niblet of what you can expect.

When I first moved back to Alabama, I was sad to be reminded that things had not changed much from when I lived here fifteen years ago. It's hard to express exactly what it was that bothered me. People are so nice and polite, but slightly more judgmental behind the scenes. They are friendly and welcoming, but not necessarily if you aren't like them. But as with any place, the longer you are there, the more reasons accumulate for why you were wrong. People prove to be more open minded or accepting than you thought, and you just plain come to love the quirkiness that makes it unique. This weekend reminded me of why I'm glad to be back in Alabama.


Loose standards of safety. Look out for yourselves because we're not going to make fences that will actually keep you from falling off the edge.

Loyalty to its artists. We drove on streets named after every member of this band this weekend. Full names, people. We don't skimp on honor. 

Special events. And places to book them.

Junk robots. I know I certainly have enough junk to make a robot out of it. 

These next two were on the same street. Can you see what is different about this first picture on the main street of this Alabama town?

Did you guess four wheeler in the middle of the day? Squint, and you'll see it to the right of the parked truck. This guy was just cruising around the town.

And this is for all of you politicos who thought we were totally backwards. Mostly, but not completely. Not everyone is in favor of Alabama's HB56.

Good eats. I'm not sure where the biscuits went, but I'm glad they're back!

Creative spelling. Not "all ways" on purpose.

Beautiful rolling hills and blue skies. And I'm serious about this one!

And just imagine those trees in their full green-leafed glory in a couple of months. I want to get lost in them.

Of course, if you have to pick only one race, it has to be the Mercedes Marathon and Half in Birmingham.


  1. Well thank good golly Pete the biscuits are finally back!

    p.s. those sure are some pretty hills!

  2. Hello from your friend Mrs. Alabama! Im much lower Alabama where the biscuits are on hand 24/7 but I have to stay away from them! Erica

    1. I'm not sure they can consider it Alabama if they were out of biscuits! I need to put staying away from biscuits on my to-do list too!

  3. Another reason to live in AL: your gas is under $4!!!

    I paid $4.35/gal on the way home from work this evening and thought it was cheap.

    1. Crikey! Just when I thought our gas was getting expensive enough to match California's prices. We pay in the $3.50s lately.

  4. I've never spent a lot of time in Alabama, but I do remember Birmingham fondly. Great town!


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