March 6, 2012

Homemade sparkle headband

First round of Operation Make Your Own Sparkle Headband went OK. I used a glitter ribbon for the top and a velvet ribbon for the underside, both from JoAnn's. I also added a piece of elastic for some stretch. The velvety ribbon is to make it stick to your hair. It ended up slipping off at about mile three on today's treadmill run. I was bummed, but I think I've pinpointed the problem. I made the headband too small, so if I just make it slightly bigger, it won't squeeze so tight and pop off. So I'm not giving up. Instead I'm giving that one to someone with a less massive head, my daughter, and making a slightly larger one for myself. Sometimes I just like to eyeball projects, which works for most creative jobs, but I forget about how sewing likes to demand actual measurements.  

Gym bathroom pic. My mom would kill me if she saw me standing in a yellow bathroom wearing a neon green shirt, not in line with my coloring. Good thing she doesn't do interneting. 

The sparkly wonderband did stay put all the way through my Bodyflow class, which previous headbands hadn't accomplished. So I think if I can just inch a little further into the right direction, I should get the headband formula down. This is going to make me a millionaire, right? Let's see one headband took ten hours, and I could sell it for $2. Sounds like I'm on to something here. Maybe if I had a slightly more modern sewing machine, it would go faster. Or I could just pay small children in a faraway land to sew their childhood away for $1. That's probably how most of my headbands originated anyway. Sad. No really, I am not trying to make any money, but I'm definitely trying to give all of my money to JoAnn's. Do they even appreciate all I do for them?

The after workout hair hump. Bigger headband may equal no hump.


  1. It's a little trial and error but now that you have it down you'll have one in every color! Joann's will be sending you Christmas cards they'll be so thrilled!!!

  2. What a cute idea! If I'm ever feeling crafty I may give it a go. Another tip to get it to stay on is a bit of hair gel.. It helps for me.

  3. I think that is amazing! I give you a lot of credit for doing a project like this. I would be completely intimidated. (In fact, while I like the IDEA of sewing, I don't seem to enjoy the reality all that much. I bought a sewing machine a few years ago and have used it all of five times.)

    Keep working on it. Once you get the formula down, you can start working on those millions. And, don't sell yourself short! I am sure people would pay at least $5 for one! ;)

    1. Awesome job! If it sparkles, I'm all over it. And $2 is a lot better than a $15 Sweaty Band!


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