March 26, 2012

Icing your ankle

After my long (cut short because of ankle pain) run on Saturday, I was up for some major icing.

Follow these steps to ice like me.

1. Find an unread newspaper on the counter and realize that the newspaper baggy would make a perfect ice-filled ankle wrap.

2. Fill with enough ice to give you frostbite.

3. Have your daughter take pictures of you holding the ice bag and cling wrap. Listen to your daughter say, "It's not every day that a lady asks you to take a picture for her blog."

4. Get mad at your daughter when she takes pictures of your unshaven legs for fun.

5. Grab the camera back, and make sure to get a close-up of that cling wrap. Because maybe it will distract people from the previous picture.

6. Hand the camera back to your daughter to take more awkward photos.

7. Cling wrap the ice to your leg and cry like a little baby. I thought this was supposed to make me feel better, not like poking everyone's eyes out with pencils.

8. Accept your fate and go lie down on the couch, snuggled up to your laptop. 

You have no idea how happy it makes me to find a use for random trash (like newspaper bags) around my house.


  1. Oh no! Sorry about the ankle (love the pix that came from it all, though). What happened?

    I like the cling wrap idea for strapping the ice on! There have been times I would have liked to strap ice to a body part but didn't because I didn't have any wrapping materials. Little did I know there was something in the kitchen drawer.

    Have you tried peas to ice with? We bought a cheap bag of peas and keep it in a ziploc clearly marked Boo Boo Peas. They mold really nicely to knobby body parts and provide nice icing action. Food for thought. (LOL - pun totally intended!) :)

    Recover fast!

    1. It's that same darn injury from last week (from double speed work). Sometimes it hurts in the foot and sometimes in the ankle. That's not really a good sign that it hurts in that many places, is it. Either way, I took Sunday and today off and plan to continue resting tomorrow. I'm afraid that I pushed it too hard last week.

      I need peas! My son fell and hit his head this weekend, and I was trying to use a hard plastic lunch box ice pack on his forehead. That didn't work out so well. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Great pictures! I definitely had not thought of using the newspaper sleeves. My legs need shaving too so don't feel too bad!

  3. Great idea for using the newspaper bag! And hope your ankle is feeling better.

    1. Thanks! My goal is to keep resting until I'm sure it's better this time.:)

  4. Our newspaper bags have the important task of picking up dog poop on morning walks.

    Hope your ankle is feeling better! And I have made the same mistake of not correlating the fact that I've already done speedwork (i.e. in the form of a race) and then went ahead and did it again during the week (as the plan said). Pretty sure this stupidity is part of why I had piriformis issues during my marathon training.

    1. Had to google piriformis, and it doesn't sound fun.

      Newspaper bags are the perfect size for all kinds of lovely treasures!

  5. Ow! I hate icing!! Hope it helps!! Your daughter is soo privileged!!!

  6. I also had ankle pain on my long run over the weekend. I went to a lake & set a lawn chair on the shore so I could dunk my feet in the cold lake. haha, But your method works great too!

  7. High top shoes are good for protecting your ankle. But your problem might be related to the sole of your foot. In which case cushioned soles or ones with gel or air is great too.


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