March 17, 2012

Lamenting mistakes

Today's run: 9 miles with friends, including my big bro and a friend considering taking on a half marathon in the near future. We threw in a few sprints on hills to train for our upcoming, hilly Oak Barrel Half Marathon. I had one mile left on the training plan, so I stepped out my front door and did hill repeats on the giant hill by my house. I cut the hill short at the stop sign because of traffic, and I repeated the shorter segment four times to finish out my 10 miles for the day.

My friend who came out with us for the first time today killed it. She stayed strong and steady, and I was definitely inspired by her determination to finish out the mileage. She probably will never read this post, so I'm going to make my prediction right here that she will complete her first half marathon before this summer. I bet you five dollars. Each of you individually.

And the most important part of the run today was the new shoes. It's weird when you do something the wrong way for so long, and when you finally make it right, you breath a sigh of relief. Oh, that's how it is supposed to feel. My bum leg felt stronger during the run, and isn't sore yet. Have I found the answer? I think so. The crappiest part for me is that I actually knew the answer for a long time but didn't put the pieces together. Meaning that I knew what type of runner I was before I realized that my shoes didn't match that type.

This is the part where I would like to complain a lot about someone selling me the wrong thing, but honestly, I should have paid more attention. I should have asked more questions. I should have taken my time and researched the purchase before I made it. Not once, but twice.

The good that came out of this is that I don't feel like I have to rely on someone else for the answers to my questions now. I've known that for a long time in other areas of my life, but in starting a completely new hobby, I felt like I needed to rely on others for knowledge. That doesn't mean I can't gain understanding from others, just that I have to ultimately trust myself the most for answers to questions that directly affect my performance.

And even though the stability part of the shoes was bad for me, I found a brand of shoes that I really like and that have helped decrease my heal strike. So there's that little sliver of goodness.

The other lesson I learned: this running junk is harder than it looks and sometimes frustrates my sweat wicking socks off.

Now that the most taxing work of the week, running wise, is done, we are off to relax in Little River Canyon, thanks to some great friends who are letting us stay in their cabin. Alabamans are awesome!

For those of you who were just thinking, "That's great, but what did you see on that there long run this mornin'?" Here's the answer.


  1. Oooh, the flowering trees and shrubs are gorgeous!

  2. Yes, shoes are KEY.

    Oh and PS, please e-mail me at katherine.hopper @ with your address so that we can get your goodies to you!

  3. BEAUTIFUL. That scenery is amazing!

  4. That's probably the thing I miss most from living in Mississippi - the beautiful flowering bushes and trees in the early spring. It's magical! Thanks for the pix. Made me smile...

    Don't beat yourself up about the shoe thing. Live and learn! Sounds like you are doing just that!


    1. The spring is so gorgeous here!

      I think it took me the weekend to get over the shoes, but I'm feeling better now. Thanks for the words of wisdom!


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