March 3, 2012

The new stuff: sunglasses, craft project, training plan

Workouts: 5 miles at 8:20 on Thursday, 6 miles at 8:14 on Friday. Also I did a Bodypump class on Wednesday that is still making me sore today. The triceps were especially under worked before this class based on the fact that if someone touches them right now, I cry.

In other awesome news, our eye insurance helped me get new running sunglasses. The Elizabeth Arden ones I wore in the IMS Arizona Marathon are sassy, but my hair got stuck in the side posts, forcing me to rip chunks of hair out. That's one way to get bangs. And the glasses slipped a lot down my nose. 

Wearing Elizabeth Ardens at the IMS Arizona Marathon.

I'm hoping these new ones will be more comfortable and not cause me to go bald. And a bonus would be if they gave me superpowers. 

New Keanon sunglasses.

 In real life they look like this.

Here's another little surprise I have in the works.

Guess what I'm making with this.

Five points if you guess what I'm making.

It's my first week back from my post-marathon rest, and I celebrated by actually making a training schedule. Usually I just print something generic from the interweb and scribble all over it. For the new plan, I used the Hanson marathon training plan to get my mileage numbers and added in the Oak Barrel Half Marathon I have scheduled for the first weekend of April. When my husband looked at it, his first statement was, "You have to run that much every Saturday?" Looks like he is suffering from marathon training burnout.

New training schedule. A slight upgrade from my usual method of scratching little notes on a piece of paper.
What sunglasses do you wear for running and other outdoor sports?

Which marathon training plans have you used? Favorites? 

Are you working on any craft projects?