March 15, 2012

No cut n' corners

Today's run: 9 miles at marathon pace (8:20). My legs were sore from BodyPump last night. If you're counting, that's three weeks in a row of BodyPump. Last night I even upped my weights (a teeny tiny amount) because last week, after using the lightest amount possible to avoid throwing off my runner chi, I was not sore at all. The good thing about soreness after weightlifting is that you know you actually accomplished something. Even though the run started off stiff from my soreness, by the end I felt strong. I averaged 8:14 over the 9 miles, and for the middle miles that I held at 8:20 my heart rate was almost 149 the entire time. The heart rate monitor is surprisingly my favorite thing about my new Garmin.

My bum leg was less sore today. Strength training? New orthotics? Hopefully this means I can keep my leg after all.

I was thankful to be running indoors today. It was a scorcher just sitting in the shade. 

And I discovered where never to get my hair cut. Cut N' Corners. What counts for training plans, counts for hair cuts. Don't cut corners. It just seems like the worst name you could ever choose for your business. Ever.

If you live in Birmingham and need a children's dentist, Dr. Stephen Mitchell is the absolute best. All four kids in one trip. In and out in just over an hour, and they have the nicest receptionist (shout out to Veronica) on the planet!