March 9, 2012

Recent holidays and a bum leg

Yesterday's workout: 8 miles at (wishful) marathon pace. All of the miles were between 8:09 and 8:19, except for the last one, which I cranked up to 7:01. All miles were on the track using my new watch to track my time. More on that later, but it turns out that my husband does understand what to get a runner for her combined Valentine's, birthday, International Women's Day present. Subtle hints work. By subtle, I mean that I said, "Don't buy me any candy that comes in a red heart box. Do buy me a Garmin."

I want to log a complaint with the Hallmark officials that International Women's Day doesn't get enough coverage here in the USA. When I lived in Russia, Women's Day was a big deal. We were constantly being greeted on the street and congratulated on being women. I actually had no idea before living there that this day even existed. The fact that it's a national holiday there also helps, but dang, it seems like our progressive nation might want to embrace appreciating women too. Who else is smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bare the children, then get back to business? Oh, that's just Beyonce, ummmkay. In our house, I'm smart enough to do our taxes, pay the government a million, bare the children, then sometimes get back to taking regular showers. Maybe if I had celebrated Women's Day more appropriately yesterday, I wouldn't have stayed in pajama pants until 11 today.

So here's the other deal. My foot, knee, leg, and hip all hurt on the right side. It started in the knee and now everything is hurting. I just noticed it over the last week, and I have this feeling that it's related to my orthotics. At the shoe store they said they should last about 1,000 miles (or two pairs of shoes). Mine are halfway through my third pair of shoes, and I like to stretch the mileage on shoes. So the orthotics probably have somewhere around 1,400 miles on them. I ordered some new ones hoping that this will cure the problem, but now that I've self-diagnosed that it is because of my old busted up orthotics, I'm afraid to run without the new pair. Hopefully they come in the mail today so that I can go for a run, but if not, I think I'm going to take a rest day. And eat lots of ice cream. And go to bed early.

Best ice cream on the planet, Chocolate Trinity from Publix. Every time I try to find it I somehow forget the name. Every darn time. It's got something to do with Jesus or Sunday. What is it? What is it?

Would you go for a run or wait for you new orthotics?

Did you celebrate Women's Day? 

I'm also rallying (by that I mean posting it right here for five people to read) to take the international out of Women's Day. By putting international in the title, we take our national ownership out of it. Just because the entire world is celebrating doesn't mean we don't have to try as hard. C'mon, America!


  1. Interesting comment on International Women's Day. I had never heard about this before either until this year, so I guess some credit is due somewhere, because between last year and this one someone found a way to bust through at least this woman's fog. I didn't celebrate, by the way. :) Maybe next year I'll try to wheedle a present out of it, or at least some homage.

    Sorry about the leg, and I hope it gets better soon. You know I wouldn't wish an injury on anyone. Hope the orthotics come soon!

    1. Injuries are the worst! The orthotics are helping, but I'm going to try new shoes too.

  2. I never women's day in time to celebrate... otherwise i would definitely do it!

  3. rest + ice cream + early bedtime = sounds very good to me right the end of a long nightshift....

    I hope your R foot/knee/hip/leg feels better asap, that's no good. I bet it's something that can easily be solved with a new foot insert thing.

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    1. Hey, my email address is I'm going to add a contact tab right now to make it easier to find! Send me over your info so I can check it out. Thanks!

  5. That ice cream is delicious! Women's Day really should be recognized here in the US more than it is. This year is the first time I've ever heard anything about it!


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