March 31, 2012

Recovery week and Sam's Club pricing tricks

After taking three days off from running, I wasn't sure that I would ever start again. On Tuesday, I started to think about how good it felt just to lounge around not worry about my training-for-a-marathon job. Maybe I should turn that into something, like Yo Momma Stopped Running. 

Monday: Bodypump and spin class
Tuesday: one and a half hours of hilly lawn mowing. It was no joke the hardest lawn mowing ever, and my hands are still bruised from pushing the mower. Maybe we should have splurged on a self-propelled mower. 
Wednesday: 5 miles, track run, average pace 7:38. Not sure how running that fast happened. Guess I was excited to be back.
Thursday: 6 miles at marathon pace, track run, average pace 8:05. Stopped 3 miles short of my goal because I'm still trying to take it easy on my ankle. 
Friday: 5 miles, treadmill, average pace 8:47. Then added 2 miles, track run, average pace 7:22. 
Saturday: 10.15 miles with my big brother, hills and some off road (botanical garden paths and weirdy stair paths), average pace 9:32. 

For the long run, we climbed 1,209 ft. Here are the Garmin graphs that I love to stare at after my runs. 

That first hill was a killer, but I'm hoping it was good practice for the half marathon in Lynchburg, TN, next weekend. I've already gotten three emails from the race organizers describing how agonizing the hills are and how you cannot be too prepared. 

My heart rate was all over the place with the hills. When I'm on the treadmill or track, my heart rate looks like this.  

This particularly chart is from Friday, 2 miles on the track at 7:22 average pace. Steady, steady climb vs. crazy peaks and valleys.

And this is how my ankle felt this week.

That means it was sorta kinda pretty good OK, but with a sometimes twinge. I'm definitely living up my rest day tomorrow and maybe going to cut out some of the miles again next week to preserve my ankle for races on April 7th (half), 21st (15k), and 28th (marathon). 

In other news, here I am in our gym bathroom. I love that they have private restrooms right off the track. Remember this post. So I really like having bathrooms handy. 

And the spring blossoms are starting to melt off of their branches, so here's one more picture to memorialize them. 

 Yo Daughter represents with her Texas-style boots.

This week's favorite grocery store purchase is Numi rooibos herbal tea. My sister introduced me to this flavor and brand, but I haven't been able to find them together again. They carry the brand at our Whole Foods but not in rooibos, and I've found rooibos that isn't Numi. It was decent, but Numi is definitely my favorite brand for rooibos. Oddly, I found this at our Neighborhood Wal-Mart. Have you been to one of those? It's a grocery store only, so you miss out on the usual Wal-Mart crowds. This is also where I discovered that their gallon of chocolate milk is $.75 cheaper than the exact same brand and gallon at Sam's Club. I feel like I'm being tricked. What other things are marked up past the regular grocery store price?

Do you ever shop at a membership-only store? Yes, but now I'm going to have to keep my hawky-eagle eyes out for pricing tricks. 

How do you measure your effort in a workout? Feel, monitor, breathing? I usually measure by feel, but I like to look at the charts afterwards to see how hard I was really working.

What was your favorite food splurge this week?


  1. Like this post. Sounds like your ankle is perking up!

    Love the random questions, too. Here are my random answers:

    - We used to belong to Sam's Club, but after LG graduated into big-boy pants, we didn't feel we were getting as much bang for our buck. So, we recently let the membership lapse.

    - I measure effort by how I feel, but unfortunately it is not a very accurate measurement tool for me. Sometimes I feel I am about to hork out a lung only to find out I barely maintained my regular long-run pace. Other times, I feel like I am being lazy and cruising, only to find out I went faster than I thought I could go.... which then of course starts a week's worth of doubts on whether the Garmin is actually working properly.

    - Food splurge this week was a pint of Haagen Daz Spiced Caramel Biscuit Ice Cream. With a week left to go on the no-chocolate challenge, I am clearly getting desperate as this is something I would normally never buy.

  2. How I love Garmin charts!! :) I love to pore over them after a good run. Haha. I've been crazy for white cheddar Pirate's Booty this week. Yum!

  3. Yay, running stats - love and hate them!!!
    Been out of town and eating like an idiot - kinda looking forward to the same old routine again!

  4. I adore Yo Daughter's boots! Precious!!!!

  5. Thanks for the comment!

    Love your pictures, especially your daughter's awesome boots. And wow, speedy!

    I usually run by feel and look at my Garmin charts as interesting info later.

    Favorite food splurge? Definitely the BBQ pork and baked potato after the adventure race!

  6. I run mostly by feel, but sometimes I use garmin to slow myself down.

    I'm a costco addict, but I know what a good price is for most things I buy there.

    Tonight we went to Great Dane Brewpub and I bought Beer Geek some beef jerky made with their beer. Holy YUM! Luckily I'm a good wife and most of it will go home with us for him LOL.

  7. Your average pace was 7:38 for 5 miles?? That's fantastic!!! I don't think I could maintain that pace for 5 seconds.

    I belong to Costco and some of the prices really aren't that great so I have to pay attention. Not my strong suit. But that's also where I got my Garmin 405 at bargain basement pricing. I LOVE the stats that go along with each run. Fascinating!

    Favorite food splurge of the week? Hmmmmmm, probably Stacy's pita chips. I was craving salt a lot this week and couldn't seem to shove them in my mouth fast enough.

    And oh my gosh, your daughter is adorable! She's rocking the boots!

  8. You have some speedy as heck runs in there, missy!! I like to see all the variation in pace (fast for the track, some slower relaxation, good long run pace), that's supposed to be good for you. I tend to get stuck in a pace rut and do a lot of my runs closer to the same speed, which I'm trying to mix up a little.

  9. I refer to my Garmin for pace, but it died the other day (probably cuz I didn't take it on the cruise) so I'm on my own. I'm pretty sure I was really trucking on yesterday's long run. One can dream. We have a brand new WalMart grocery store here and it's a ripoff! Super Target is way cheaper. I'm a Costco shopper and a price savant who remembers the price of everything to the penny. A store's worst nightmare.

  10. I shop at Costco....for some things. The cost of living is high here so you need to know where to go for what. All stores have some items that cost more, the thing is to get the best price at a certain store but not to waste that savings on driving around too much going for "cheaper" prices.

    1. I agree! You can waste more money driving around everywhere to find good deals. I bet gas is outrageous where you are!

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