March 20, 2012

Running late (at night) and half off Pro Compression socks

Yesterday's workout: I went for a late 7-mile run. 55 minutes, avg. pace 7:51/mile. There's a virtual run at Running with Spatulas this week, and I thought I'd just see what I could do on the treadmill last night. This run reminded me that I should be trying harder at other runs because it felt pretty good to hit those numbers last night. 

Did I mention that I have been in a running funk since my last marathon at the end of February? I expected the opposite because after the previous marathon, my first week back of training felt awesome. Every time I ran, I pushed it because hey, this isn't as hard as that marathon the other day. I never had that during this training cycle. My training has been consistent, but I have been dreading runs every day. Usually it felt fine by the end, but I had lost some overall oomph. Last night, I finally felt excited to start running and excited to push myself during the run. Is this related to my legs thanking me for getting them proper shoes?

Leg update: still feeling better. The pain had moved all the way into my hip, and that hip pain has now significantly decreased. Before I would feel it while sitting, standing, sleeping, or shuffling (which I do ever day). Now, I just feel a little soreness when doing seated hip stretches.


After my run, I came home to the two giant plates of food my husband brought home from work last night. He's scoring major points with all of these food deliveries. On the nights I know I'm going to be running late, I skip supper, which would make my run nauseatingly unpleasant. So I avoid burping up sloppy joes and salad by waiting to eat after my run. It was nice to come home to a giant salad and sandwiches of which I did not partake in their preparation. I ate both of the triangles, some type of cheesed up beef, last night. And, yes, that is a plate full of cookies just north of that salad. Every day I tell myself that I'm going to stop eating desserts to prep for my next race, and every day, more cookies appear on the table. It's not really working out. 

And the last bit of take-action news for the day: Pro Compression is having their half off Schwaggle deal again today. That means you get compression socks for $25 and free shipping. You guys might remember that I adore these socks because they have a nice thin foot for actually running your marathons in without getting blisters. Check to make sure they have the colors and sizes you want and order soon. The sooner you order the more likely you are to get the color you want. And they have even more colors now! I've got my eye on the blue argyles, purple, and yellow ones. This is the best deal you will get on these socks, period. 

Here are the ones I have. 

Don't cry that the stars aren't available right now, even though I cried that they didn't make them in more colors. Just order the blue argyle ones and tell customer service you want more stars!