March 28, 2012

Running with Spatulas Virtual Race

I ran on March 19th, the first day of the Running with Spatulas Virtual Race 10K, which ends on March 30th. Shortly afterwards, I got injured, so I'm glad I ran early! Seriously, otherwise I wouldn't have participated because I'm barely ready to shuffle again and definitely not ready to race.

The treadmill was my race location of choice. The below treadmill is my favorite in the gym. There are tons more with fancy TVs and such, but these (of which they only have three -- sad face) are more firm under foot. When I first started running, I didn't notice the difference in the tread firmness, but sometime about five months ago, I ran on this and noticed that it was more firm, which I want because it is more similar to road conditions.

The treadmill is great because you don't have to carry the water and towel. Just pop it up on the mill, and it's all right there waiting for when you get sweaty and gross. That is of course after a thorough wipe down. I like to wipe it down on my own, even if I just saw someone wipe it down before me. Crazy controlling much?

I started slowly and tried to continually speed up as I got warmed up, and the final result is 6.21 in 47:46, average pace of 7:42. I feel good about it because I felt great afterwards, and I finished up with another .8 miles to cool down.

And I ran in my glasses. I usually train in glasses but race in contacts. Since this was a virtual race, I went relaxed with the glasses -- and a super sweatiness ponytail that tries to stick to the side of my face and make me swallow it while running. Not cool, ponytail.

In case you need to know where I get my old school stuff, here you go. Shirt: Puma (from $10 clearance rack at Ocala Marathon), Glasses: Calvin Klein, Water Bottle: Hannah Montana, Watch: Garmin 210, Skirt: Nike Pacer, Entertainment: Luther on Netflix.