March 14, 2012

Speed work and my go-to lunch

Today's workout: speed work. I was not really feeling it today, which reminds me that I wasn't feeling speed work last week either. I think I'm starting to agree with that one guy who said you should run marathons as slowly as possible so that you can get the most bang for your buck. Forgot his name, but if you watch Spirit of a Marathon, it's in there somewhere. The results of the run 6 miles averaging 7:50 pace. That included one warm-up mile and one rest mile at mile 4. Unfortunately, my leg is still bothering me even with the new orthotics. Next step: new shoes. If that doesn't work: new leg.

Currently the smell of burned eggs is singeing my nose hairs. I was so proud that I was thinking ahead for lunch time and boiling a pot full of eggs. The problem is when you go downstairs, then upstairs and downstairs again. You do thirty tasks in a row -- piano practice, throw a toddler in the air, fix a broken doorknob, check email, print a coupon, fold a load of laundry. Then in the middle of the thirtieth task, you hear a loud poppy explosion, and that's when you suddenly remember the eggs. Initially I thought the pop was the glass lid bursting, so I was relieved when I ran in the kitchen and only found crispy/mushy egg bits all over the place. There was no water left in the now-scorched pot, and the eggs were all very well done. Surprisingly still edible -- don't mind if I do. The twins didn't mind if they did either. At least there is some small scraplet of a  reward for the burning stench that won't evacuate the premises.

Letting the burn fumes waft to the neighbors.

What do you do when your original lunch plan goes up in smoldering smoke fumes? Make what you have for lunch every day.

Cue a giant bowl of lettuce and avocado.

Melt goat and cheddar cheese on top of a giant pile of chips and peppers.

Use your favorite kitchen tool: the Pampered Chef Avocado Peeler

Mix and stuff your face.

What's your go-to lunch? 

Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget?

What do you change up if you have a bum leg that doesn't want to feel better? 


  1. When I feel slightly injured, I start doing strengthening exercises (hip stretches, leg lifts, etc.) as if I'm making up for the slacking I was doing all the weeks before. :) I didn't know that could happen when you were boiling eggs! I better pay better attention moving forward...

    1. Going to lift weights tonight! Thanks for the advice.

  2. I know I shouldn't laugh at the eggs, but I am. I sauteed some sausages in a brand new pan the other night and forgot them. Not sure the pan will ever be the same.

    And an avocado peeler? Really? What does it do that a knife won't? Just curious.

    1. I laughed too (after I cried). Luckily my dish wasn't non-stick. Those things don't handle an outrageous burning as well.

      The avocado peeler is my fav because it's like a knife and spoon in one. It has that genius curved edge so you can scrape out the guts without leaving any good stuff behind. If mine isn't clean, I usually use a knife (to split the whole thing in half) and a spoon. But really, hardly any of my friends believe me that the peeler is awesome/necessary. I'm clearly in the minority on this one.

  3. Spatula is my fav - go figure :) I prefer rubber ones that can wipe clean any tub of nut butter :D yum! and I love avocados I go through waves of eating them's been far too long since my last one. Gotta get one that :)

  4. I love me a nice, William Sonoma spoonula. Except I used mine to poke in the disposal and it took a chunk out of the silicone. I've been following the 'get my money's worth' philosophy at races for some time now. Being slow still drives me crazy though.

  5. We have a giant flipper that is AMAZING for pancakes which is one of the few things Allan lets me make so it's my favorite!

    My go-to lunch is cereal, not healthy but really easy. I could probably live off of cereal to be honest.

  6. That avocado peeler is a thing of beauty. Go to lunch is probably eggs if I don't have any leftovers.

  7. Boiling all of the water out sounds like something I would do. Had to laugh at that. Funny how I can't think of a single thing that is my favorite kitchen gadget. Sad, since my kitchen is filled with gadgets - should tell me something. As for favorite go-to lunch, I know I am an adult, but my fav is peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sad, I know.

    Sorry about the leg. If you figure out how to get a new one, let me know. Otherwise, when I am injured, I ice a lot, start up the strength again (which I have invariably dropped), and cross-train. Hope it's better soon!


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