March 27, 2012

Three new food goals and Hungry for Change

Yesterday's workout: a lunchtime Bodypump class and an afternoon spin class. I've been trying to rest my ailing foot, although I did sneak in a quick lap around the track just to see how it would feel. No pain, but I decided that today would be another rest-from-running day. That's three days in a row of no running. When you have a training plan that glares at you from its magnetized station on the fridge and another one that gives you the stink eye whenever you open your nightstand drawer, it's hard to skip days. Why the heck did I make so many copies of that darn training plan? I can't turn around without seeing it and remembering what I'm not doing. I just got really nervous after my long run on Saturday that I might screw something major up if I don't chill out a tad, so chill out it is. 

Since I won't have the calorie demands of a sumo wrestler on these rest days, I thought it would be a good time to start focusing on nutrition. I've been eating sweets every five minutes again, so with my last two weeks before the Oak Barrel Half, I'm going off desserts and onto more raw foods. Not all but more. 

For example, I would eat a salad with a little sandwich for lunch. 

The main focus here is that delicious goddess dressing, though the Trader Joe's brand is a little thick for me. It's hard to shake out of the bottle. 

That's a salad and sandwich instead of ten donuts, in case you were wondering what my other options would be. I have a hard time with moderation. If a dessert is in my presence, I have to eat it all, or I will waste too much time thinking about it. How I could divide it up. How the kids might sneak it before I get to eat any more. How it might not taste as delicious if I wait five minutes. It's just easier for me to rule them out as an option. Then I don't waste time thinking about them.

I recruited an accountability partner who added no chips to the no dessert goal. So my goals are:

1. No desserts
2. No chips
3. More raw foods

I think she added no carbs to the goals, but I felt my head spin just thinking about that. How about one less carb per millennium? That sounds like a reasonable goal to me. And originally I wanted to do all raw foods, but that ended almost immediately when I remembered that chocolate milk was not a raw food. Is it a dessert though? Don't answer that, unless you are going to say "no."

It's only for two weeks, so I feel like anything is possible for two weeks. Plus I feel so much better when I'm not eating desserts. My hope is with all these little tweaks to my diet, some permanent changes will take shape. 

My sister just sent me a link to an online premiere of Hungry for Change, a documentary about weight loss and marketing secrets in the diet industry. In essence, they are trying to tell us how to escape the dieting cycle and live a happy, healthy lifestyle. My sister described it as more palatable for the mainstream public than Food, Inc. There's a free online premier until the end of the month. I just had to enter my name and email address to access the movie. After I watch the whole thing, I'll let you know what I think. Warning: it's a no diet coke zone. The trailer I watched blasted diet coke. So put your diet cokes down before you watch. 

Do you consider yourself a dieter? Not really, but I like to set food goals. 

Do you drink diet coke? I used to daily, but I stopped last year with encouragement from my awesome sister. Amazingly, a lot of weird head pains I was having (that I had gotten an MRI for) went away after I stopped. That was enough to convince me to stay off the DC train.

What are your current food goals?