March 29, 2012

Thrift store Thursday

Here's my jam from the thrift store this week.

Two Runner's World magazines from 2009. 

One pair of well-broken-in, army green Keen shoesandals, or shandals.

One new-with-tags, dark indigo Adidas ClimaCool Training shirt, or singlet (???)

The shirt is technically a man's shirt, but the thrift store workers (and me) thought it looked lady enough for the lady section. Also, I just learned last week that navy blue is my color. Not from the years of color analysis that my mom, an aesthetician, forced on me as an uncaring preteen to teenager who always wanted to wear orange and yellow, especially when my mom said it looked perfectly hideous. I just happened randomly upon a navy blue shirt at the store, and when I tried it on, I appreciated all those bossy years of my mom telling me what colors look best on me. She was right. Navy blue does make me look less haggardly than orange. If only she were on the interwebs to hear me shout her praises. Mom, you are so right! Does it matter if shoes are not in your color realm? 

I was not totally sold on the Keens because I imagined someone's sweaty feet in there in the 100-degree, 100%-humidity summers of the south. But then I decided that I'm cheap enough to not care about that, so I'll sanitize them and try them out. For under three bucks it was worth a little trial to see if I liked them for hiking around in the woods. Have you ever used them for trail running? Is that a bad idea? My Karhus are too delicate for the trails. They get beat up pretty fast if one twig touches them. My last pair started to disintegrate after one long weekend of trail running. 

My total for this loot after a 10% off coupon but before taxes, $6.01.

The husband is pretty good at finding sweet deals too, but he could care less about running. He's more into motorbiking.

This is his sweet deal on a French helmet that he has had his eye on for five years. He's willing to hold out for the best deal. This one he scored on an ebay auction. Do people still use that site? If it were up to me, he would buy an entire suit made of the same material. So basically, he would be a giant robot with a tiny man inside.

If you look in the reflection of his face plate, you can spy me blogging and icing.

Have you scored any good deals lately?

Are you OK with motorbike riding? Too scary or not scary enough?

Do you know anyone with a sidecar? We have one in our garage right now! Like this one.


  1. I don't have much of an opinion on motorbiking, but I think the sidecar looks SWEET! Is it vintage, or is that how sidecars look nowadays? It looks classy.

    I am with the devil's advocate in you; I am not keen (ha! a pun!) on used shoes. I am also not keen (again!) on Keens. I find them too supportive. Now that I know I need mild stability, I should probably get some, but I like the idea of going no support in everyday life to build up foot muscles. I do have a pair of Keen strappy sandals that have minimal support and they are my go-to shoe for summer. Love them.

    If you are going to run trails regularly, definitely invest in a pair of trail shoes. Among their many benefits are the rock plates which will protect your toes in the event that you ... ahem ... trip over anything. (I wouldn't know anything about that, though.) ;)

    1. Not sure how old the sidecar is, but it looks pretty old. How's that for definitive info.:)

      Rock plates sound like something I could really use. And possibly I should borrow my husband's helmet. Trail running is not for the frail!

    2. Love the helmut idea! Let me know how that works out. lol

    3. Um, I guess that is helmet...You can tell I lived in Germany, and that I have a friend named Helmut. Ok, maybe you couldn't tell that, but now you know. lol

    4. I think I read it in a German accent too. It's perfect because my husband rides BMW motorbikes, made in Germany. And this post gave me a good laugh at the end of a LONG day of mothering trials (think hands in poopy diapers and a craft room dismantled without permission). Thanks!

    5. Pefect! Tell your husband, he should never ride without his Helmut. :P

  2. Hehe. Side car. That's funny. I haven't been to a thrift store in a long time. But I need to!! So fun!

  3. Shirt with tags? Score! (score, did Imjust type that? What is this, 1991?)
    I have found some great things at the thrift store but sadly there isn't one close to me. Boo.

    1. I pretty much only use slang from the 90s, so I was totally comfortable with your use of "score." :)

  4. There's a GoodWill a half a mile from where I work, and I'm often there on my lunch hour because I hate just sitting there in the cafeteria at work. But I've scored some nice running clothes and jackets there. I got 2 cycling shirts with the pockets on the back too! Those babies cost $70 new in the store! It does make me wonder about the previous owner though, have they gained weight? Given up? Lost weight? Etc.

  5. Scared to death of motorcycles (long story involving an ex-boyfriend). Love your snags (we are chronic second hang shoppers for old LPs and audio equipment).

  6. I love consignment shopping!! I look forward to getting to know you better... looks like we have a lot in common. :)


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