March 12, 2012

Weekend long run

Weekend long run: 8 miles with the girls who are running the Oak Barrel Half with me in April. These group runs are always so fun because you can talk and talk and totally forget about running, and because I only get to do a group run once a week, it's an especially beloved treat.  Their run stopped at 8, and I decided to take it to my dreaded neighborhood hills to fire the glutes with the next 8 miles. It's nice to NOT do these hills very often because then I can see big changes in my performance on them. Yesterday's run felt really strong. Notice I did not say fast, but the fact that I didn't have to stop on the hills is huge, just like the hills themselves.

My husband said these pictures just look like flat peaceful roads to him, but this was my longest, steepest climb yesterday. The one that brings tears to my eyes and sweariness to my lips. Very far from flat!

Looking down the hill.

Looking up the hill.

The even butt-kickier hill (the one in the pictures) was some serious business. 

My new orthotics came in the mail late on Friday. Since I had already decided to eat a gallon of ice cream and veg out in pajama jeans for life, I waited to use them on Saturday's run. I could immediately tell a difference when I started running. So that's why I love arch support. 

Old on top, new on bottom. 

And is it just me, or do those things smell great when they are brand new. It's like the smell when you pop open a film container, which never happens anymore so just imagine yourself back in the 90s. That was my favorite smell from that decade. I think fresh orthotics will be my favorite smell from this decade.

The rest of the day was spent tailgating. I hate when these guys take the car out by themselves. It's hard to explain when cops pull them over, mostly because of their limited vocab. 


  1. I got some doozies by my house too - I'm at the bottom of hill - kind of in a mini valley. So I always have to climb a minimum of 200 feet for just a 3 mile run. Anything longer means more ups and downs. Which is why I don't like to do more than 8-ish otherwise it's just too much with the hills.

    1. Exactly! That's why it's nice to just meet up with friends for runs.

  2. I'm jealous of your hills. Where we live it is FLAT, with a capital F, L, A, and T. There is one decent sized hill of about half a mile at the local state park, but that is it...

    Love the tailgaiting picture!

  3. The boys look so cute tailgating. Are they ready for football season?

  4. Those are some AWESOME tailgaters!! I love it!!!!

  5. Just started reading your blog :). Use the same orthotics, do u get them online? I get mine from the podiatrist & there's gotta be a cheaper source.

    1. Thanks for reading! I ordered this pair from Amazon. They were $21.75, much cheaper than last time I bought them! They seemed to have a full range of sizes. Let me know if you find them for cheaper. Always looking for a bargain.


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