April 18, 2012

15K race plan

Today's workout: 6 miles, treadmill at 1.0 incline, avg. pace 8:33. Trying to work in some hill practice before my hilly 15K this Saturday. Glad I started practicing so soon. One slightly inclined treadmill will probably really help me out a ton. I might even throw in a spin class tonight to really push me over the edge of just barely prepared.

I guess some people are born prepared.

How the heck do you run a 15K? That's what I'm trying to figure out today for the race on Saturday. I've got my carpool to the race set up, which is important so you don't have to think or call people in the early a.m., but now I've got to figure out the race. This is the one race that lately I've kind of ignored. My friend was telling me the times from last year and challenging me to try and run sub 8-min miles, and I felt weird that I hadn't already looked up the times from last year. I always look up the times. So by not doing that and having zero plan of approach, I am clearly letting this race slip under my radar. Maybe because I'm focused on next weekend, though I'm really not because I don't expect much time-wise from the Nashville marathon. I do expect to have a blast running with the Nashville crowds. They were hilariously fun last year.

So time to buckle down and make a 15K plan.

I started by typing in my best race times into the McMillan calculator. That junk is addictive. Would it show a faster estimate with this race time or this race time? What if I wear my shoes on the wrong feet? What's my favorite color? Can't tell me. Why, McMillan, why?

Using my 1:45 half marathon time, I should be able to pull off 7:51 miles in the 15K. Sub-8 will be the goal because I can't think of specific numbers in my head while running so my goals have to be extremely vague.

But then the course is hilly. This is how they described it in my most recent email from them:

The course is scenic and challenging with a downhill finish. The first 5 miles are relatively flat, winding through scenic residential Mountain Brook. Miles 5-7 are hilly (challenging). After the third aid station there is a 2 mile coast to the finish (aka the downhill). 

So basically I have to make up enough time in the first 4 miles and last 2 miles to even out the crapster times that I know I will have with miles 5 through 7. 

So to summarize the race plan: get my buns moving in the first 4 miles (7:30s would be nice), wish I were never born miles 5-7, kick it for the last 2 miles (under 7:30s preferably). 

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Ever run a 15K? What was your race plan?