April 13, 2012

Birthday list

One morning, my son was carrying around a piece of paper before school, and he kept talking about how he had to get the stuff done on his list. When I was cleaning out the car later, I found this. 

Inspired by this awesome list and because my birthday is coming up, I decided to make a super serious list of birthday celebration must-dos. If I didn't have my list, I might be lost for the rest of the month, and no one wants to be lost on their birthday. But actually, getting lost sounds kind of fun. I might add that to the list.

1. Redeem every birthday coupon ever issued to me. My favorites are Red Mango ($5 credit!!!), Moe's (free entree -- hint: get the most expensive one), Schlotzsky's (free sandwich or pizza), Ruby Tuesdays (free burger), Baskin Robbins (free scoop), and TCBY (free yogurt). I especially love the ones with a drive through so I don't have to unstrap all of the little people to get my free stuff. That's like a present too.

2. Birthday massage. Check. I am redeeming a massage Groupon tomorrow. When I booked the appointment, his first available date was my b-day, so that was convenient. And I'm more than ready to work out some running kinks, especially in my legs and feet.

3. Race. Ever since this whole running biz started, I want to run a race or get a race entry as a present for every major holiday. Although I raced last weekend and will again next weekend, I'm feeling the need to last minute find a 5K to join on Saturday.

4. Wear pink socks most days.

4. Find a restaurant that will loudly and obnoxiously sing a birthday song to you. If they make you stand on a chair and wear a sombrero, even better. Looks like someone's not getting enough attention at home.

5. Go on a hot date. If I can combine this with the sombrero wearing, a perfect night would be in the works. Throw in a trip to a sports store to stare at running gear, and, bam, birthday heaven.

6. Spend that renegade Canadian penny. Where did I get it? And who will get it after me? Should I mail it back to Canada, or was it hoping to immigrate?

6. Feel like the happiest person on the planet that Yo Husband gave me my birthday present last month. Remember the Garmin 210. That was a present for all past, future, and present holidays, including the day of birth. Basically, I told him that any money he was going to spend on crappy presents, like fuzzy bears and underwears folded into a rose, he should instead spend on a Garmin. He's really good with subtle hints.

7. This one is a test to see if Yo Husband reads my blog. Last year I totaled my car in an accident about two miles from our house. A car hit us (me and the twins) going full speed, and I still have panic attacks going through that intersection, which I have to drive through at least four times a day. The older kids thought it was weird that sometimes I had to do deep breaths at the red light, but now deep breaths is the norm. All of that to say that when my car was totaled my mix tape (it will always be a mix tape even if it's on a CD -- that's how I'm going to hang on to the 90s) of love songs that Amory gave me as a present five years ago was in the CD player, and they took the car to the junk yard before I remembered to get it out. So if you read this, dude, I want a new mix tape of love.

8. Respond to every single birthday Facebook post. Every year I try, and every year I fail. But not this year. Because it's on The List.