April 28, 2012

Country Music Marathon, I sort of love and hate you

Just wanted to check in with everyone post race to tell you this one was not pretty. Luckily, I already had all of my excuses lined up (see previous post)! Did I mention the hotness? It felt blazing, even though it probably wasn't that bad. At mile 18, my Garmin quit. For some reason it is not charging properly, but it didn't matter anyway because at some point before that I just decided to make it about having fun and encouraging runners around me. Maybe some of them were annoyed, but I forced tons of people to talk to me during his race. I was just not going to make it to the end without human interaction. I barely (for me) listened to music the entire race because it just wasn't working for me. I needed people! The clock read 4:20 at the end, but I really can't even tell you what time we started, another story for the recap. So definitely over four hours and less than 4:20. But I was determined to smile the whole time, and I think I mostly met that goal. No record breaking today, but I'm super happy to have crossed the finish line.