April 17, 2012

Lance Armstrong and living

Workouts: track run yesterday, 6 miles, avg. pace 7:48. That was with a 7:06 mile at the end. I was really excited about that. Today, another round of volleyball with my fellow mommas, but with fewer injuries. Today's goal was to not act quite as crazy just trying to get to the ball. Based on the low number of new bruises and aches, goal accomplished.

Tonight is book club, which I adore, and our host even picked a race-oriented book. Can book club be any more perfect right now? We read It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life, Lance Armstrong's biography, but it was published in 2001. So it's interesting to see what has happened between then and now, especially in his personal life. In the book, he is in the first years of marriage to his first wife, which ended a couple of years after the book was published. Of course, in the book they had a perfect relationship, which teaches me to never trust what you read.

But really, his comeback from the edge of life/death and the amazing dedication to racing were the best parts. For a newbie marathoner, some of his ideas on endurance racing felt relevant. I especially liked this segment.

It's so true that time shifts when you are giving all of your mind and physical effort to an event. A minute stretches forever. Luckily a marathon is over in a day. Three weeks -- I can't even imagine competing for that long.

My husband likes to joke that I do marathons to relax, meaning that our house and kids can get cuh-razy, but really he's right. It's relaxing to live only in the moment and to only focus on that next water stop or that next mile. And with all that we demand of our bodies when we are racing, it is about living -- forcing our bodies to reach a higher more efficient level of living and proving that our life/strength is more than we thought it was.

With that, here's some of our last few days of living (in pictures).

Birthday saddle at Texas Roadhouse.
Handicapped bench sitting -- when sign placement goes wrong.
Yo Husband created chia seed encrusted fish, cooked on the grill. 
And he made me a gooey chocolate cake, my love language.
Yo Son creates new hairstyles. Just add water and finger shaping.
Girls' night decorations. Handcrafted by my friend's son. He strategically places stuffed animals all over the room for us to enjoy. Love him!
Invitation to my birthday party, called The Mom. Yo Daughter knows how to throw down.

And we just got back our Oak Barrel Half pictures. Some real beauties are in here. 

I swear my hands don't normally do that when running. Do they? Do they??!! 

And these are my favorite because in the same millisecond, you can look like you are floating on air and then look like you crash landed.

Normal running.
Crash landing.

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  1. Happy birthday! Cake looks delicious.

  2. The cake DOES look delicious.... Was there more to your post besides chocolate? Sorry, I was distracted. LOL

    1. Ha! That's how I felt during the 24 hours it took me to consume it all. Now back to the no dessert plan!

  3. You should def buy the floating on air pic - you look great!

  4. My husband always finds inspiration in books like that. I got him one for the holidays that was about a different biker. Me... I'm into light reading:)

  5. Hey! Yep, those photos in my header are from Oak Barrel. You probably did see Geno. He always goes out for a long cool down after every race. I, on the other hand, make a beeline to the car to put on fresh clothes and flip flops. :)

    1. Same here! Except I beeline for the food then to change.

  6. I read that Lance Armstrong book! It was a good one!! Cakes are the best love language!

  7. three things

    1. how did you get that cool highlighter effect....love it and the section, so true.
    2. I love the bday invitations and I think it looks like it was a great time
    3. I have never met anyone that has such a collection of the brightest, most fun looking shirts ever!

    LOVE IT!

    1. 1. I opened the pic in photoshop and used the rectangle tool to select the words, then I changed the opacity on the color so that you could see through it like a highlighter. I personally thought it was super fun, but I kind of never use photoshop so I'm easily impressed by it.

      2. It was amazing!

      3. Thanks! And I love you for being the nicest person ever!

  8. I love the floating on air pic! I agree -- there is something about the marathon that is relaxing. I feel like it's my way to unwind, as weird as it is. The best runs are when you completely lose yourself and don't even remember what you thought about.

  9. I am cracking up at your T-Rex arm race photo! HA! Crash landing is a great term too. I had quite a few of those in my last batch. So unflattering! I swear, the guy caught me at an angle that added about 50 pounds too. YIKES!

    Yummy, yummy-looking cake too. Oh, and did you have about 20 of those cinnamon-butter rolls at Texas Roadhouse? Love those!!!

    1. I ate two baskets of those cinnamon butter rolls! I almost bit my husband's hand off for some. The rest of the food was decent, but I would kill someone over those rolls (if the situation was desperate enough). So good!

  10. Your Oak Barrel pictures turned out much better than mine. Looks like your birthday celebration was yummy!

  11. Dang you have some muscular arms! Nice! I am jealous.

    I got the headband yesterday, btw! Thanks! I must have a small head because I had to size it down 2-3 buttonholes.

  12. I think the shadows make the arms look more muscular than they actually are, but thanks!

    Glad you got your headband, and it's a good thing it's adjustable! I think mine is on the highest notch. My head must be giant.:)


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