April 11, 2012

Leg update, cool ideas and embarrassing moments

1. Leg update

So for those of you who patiently listened to me whine about my leg for three weeks and swear that I had the beginnings of a stress fracture, I have an update. I took last week off except for the half marathon on Saturday. I cross-trained like a motha, but I did not run. Except once to the mailbox because I was excited to open it. Don't you feel that way about mail some days?

The great news is that on Saturday, I felt a small bit of pain at the bad spot on my leg in the beginning of the race and running up the major hill, but after that I didn't notice it. I kept waiting for it to kill the next day, but it didn't. Then the miracle. I ran 5 miles on Monday, and I felt nothing! No pain, no twinges. Nothing.

Wait a minute -- so you're telling me that this resting stuff might actually work?

2. Cool idea alert

Just to be safe with my newly healed leg, I took Tuesday off from running and played volleyball with some local moms. Cool idea alert: we brought all of our kids (about 15 total), and each mom did a 10-minute rotation babysitting. So we got to play a little over an hour, and our kids had fun chasing each other around a room. I was tempted to think that volleyball might not be a workout, but that would be wrong. It was hard, and I smelled like a dirty man after it was over. And I have bruises! I have missed my soccer league bruises since we moved to AL, so it's nice to have replacement bruises. Anyone want to join us?

3. Random thought.

I just saw a bumper sticker like this yesterday.

And it forced me to translate my blog name into Spanish. I momma runs. Maybe I should rename it Yo Soy Yo Momma for I am yo momma. Either way, it made me laugh. Super easy to accomplish some days.

4. Embarrassing moment.

Some days at the gym you feel all cool running the track until your realize that you did this.

Yup, inside out. This is the point when you wonder if it is better to leave it and act like that was totally planned to stretch your wardrobe or change it and send the "I am an idiot who dresses in the dark" message to anyone who may have noticed. And I voted to change it. Sometimes it's better not to keep secrets.


  1. Sounds like you've had fun despite the resting!! =D And I wear my shirts inside out alllllllll the time. I try not to buy blank t-shirts anymore haha

    1. Good idea! Logos are not just for marketing anymore!

  2. Glad to hear the leg is feelin good! That is funny about the t-shirt. Happens to the best of us.

  3. First of all, I think you are too cute for words and enjoy your blog.
    I read it all the time.
    I have a question for you, do you mind telling me exactly (because I am a hair idiot) how you do your little buns in your hair? I have hair about your length. It is super thick and I hate it whipping the back of my neck during runs. I thought about trying your method. Any advice? My email is nickie102@hotmail.com if you would be so sweet as to let me know.
    thanks...and happy running!

    1. Hey! I was just reading your blog, and you and your kids are hilarious. That post about Austin Scarlet will keep me laughing for the next few days.

      And I just called my sister to try and convince her to make a hair how-to video for the double buns. She was the first in our family to wear them daily, and I'm just copying her. She's my older sister, so I've been copying her my whole life. Either way, I'll post a tutorial, and maybe that will help me figure out a better way to do it. It takes me for-flippin-ever to do them. Not because it's hard. Because I'm slow.

    2. You are a doll. Thank you. I know you have a zillion better things to do, so I appreciate it!
      And thanks for the comment on my blog. I actually just posted a snippet (is that even spelled right?) about me seeing you commented there. Made my day! :)

  4. AHHHH I laughed out loud not at you but because wearing my t-shirt inside out is SOOOooo the type of thing I would do too! It's up there with leaving the stickers and tags on my clothes :-)

  5. I'm glad the rest seemed to help! Sometimes I feel like these aches/pains are just our body's way of telling us to take a chill pill for a few days. Although it's definitively easier said than done ;)

  6. Hahahahaha. I'm forever wearing shirts BACKWARDS I don't know how I do it. I've done it at work at least twice!!!

  7. I say you blame the shirt people for making it look normal inside out.

    Excellent news on the leg!

  8. yippeee for the leg!

    embarrassing story of my own:while in the store recently I noticed a man was leeringly checking me out. I thought to myself conceitedly "well, I DO look pretty cute today". No sooner had that thought crossed my mind then I noticed my reflection in the bakery display glass...my sundress had become untied. I was flashing whole boob. lol

    1. Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! Well not for you at the time, but later probably.


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