April 16, 2012

Punkeelove Headband Giveaway

What's cute, stretchy, and doesn't make you want to rip your hair out? Punkeelove Headbands. I first came across these at the IMS Arizona Marathon expo. It was pretty much the only booth there that attracted my attention because they had the cutest headbands I had ever seen in person. They had your basic sparkle jazziness, but they also had some really cute patterned bands in unique patterns.

Like this.
And this.

Did I mention a hundred times that orange is my favorite color? Yup, it is.

And they had some seriously funky rhinestone headbands that basically change you into a classy lady no matter how sweaty you are from a workout. 

See what I mean? Rhinestones equal you mean business.


My first impulse was to buy twenty of them, but I also wanted to stay married. So I bought one to test it in marathon conditions and see if it was really worth the price.

One thing that I look for in running gear is not paying a crap load of money for something that I can just make myself. Remember when I made my own sparkle headbands. There are a lot of places out there where I can buy something similar to what I made in this attempt with the sparkly top and velvet underside, but Punkeelove has some special stuff going on that made the purchase worth it for me. 

First and most important is that they are adjustable. That means that I can adjust it for different hairstyles. My double buns require a little bit wider width because they sit on the sides of my head, so I can adjust the headband to hold without squeezing the bejeez out of my hair. Then when I just wear a ponytail, I can tighten things up a bit. Also, if I want to share with my daughter, she can adjust it again. And like with your bra, if you wear it so much that it gets lose, you can tighten it down another notch. When you adjust it, there is a little pocket for tucking in your loose end of elastic. Very cool touch.

The pocket is right under the logo.

Also, not as crucial to the usefulness of the product, I love their little purple heart logo. Some of the headbands have purple heart buttons to secure the adjustable elastic. Super sassy. And they only use black and purple as their velvety underside colors to match their logo. I would love it if they used only purple unders. That would be sassy times fifty. 

They'll also customize headbands with whatever colors you want, even down to the thread they use, and they can embroider awesome things on them like "Yo Momma Runs" or "Yo Momma So ..." I also love that this company was started by two stay-at-home mommas. Shout out to all the mommas out there working their magic at home and in the bidness. 

Oh, and were you wondering how they work? Well, check out how happy I was running in mine right here.

Mine is the 1" Sparkle Smoke.

And this is after the race. Even though I was sweatier and stinkier than a pig rolled in his own droppings, my hair still looks tight after 26.2 miles. I didn't touch it once during the entire race. Miracle! 

I forgot that I even had it on (that's how comfy it is) until spectators shouted out about my sparkleness. And even though Punkeelove can't guarantee you'll smell nice or be happy after a race, they do guarantee their product. If it breaks, they fix it.

Now for the awesome part, three of you get to own a little sparkle of your own. Punkeelove gave me 1" sparkle headbands in blackpink, and silver to give away to y'all!

Cute, right?

Here's how to enter:

  • Like Punkeelove on Facebook and let them know Yo Momma sent you. (And you can laugh when you type, "Yo Momma sent me to this site." That joke never gets old.) Leave me a comment letting me know that you did. 

Bonus entries:

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  • Share this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog and leave a comment letting me know how you shared. Every share gets another entry, so share your buns off. 
Entry is open until midnight on Friday, April 20th. 

Plus, Punkeelove is giving 20% of to Yo Momma readers with the code YOMOM. It's a one-time use code, so if you want more than one headband, put them all in your basket before you use the code. Go here to check out their selection. I want to buy this one and this one.

Edit: This giveaway has closed. The winners are Cori @ Read. Write. Run. Mom., Chacha @ Chasing Imperfection, and Alice.