April 4, 2012

Resting, shopping and winning

Taking a rest day is much harder mentally than physically. I'm really trying hard not to mess my left leg up long term, so I rested today. Completely. Based on last week, after about the second day of no running, it feels totally natural to never see sunlight and freely eat fistfuls of buttery popcorn into the night, but that first day that you are taking an unplanned rest really sucks it up. Mainly because you spend the entire day imagining all of the things that can go wrong with your body and just how that is going to mess up your goals/plans, especially the short-term ones. What if you have a half marathon this weekend?

The goals are one thing, but what about the money? Ew, I hate wasting money on things that never come to pass. The plan right now is to do no running until Saturday -- well, maybe one test mile on Friday. In the meantime, I'll be trying to make it to every spin class on the schedule.

Instead of running, I went shopping. I think this is one of the main reasons running is a great hobby because it takes up so much time that it prevents lots of random acts of shopping. You know, the kind that happens when your scheduled time suddenly frees up. You think to yourself, I need to use that 2% off coupon that suchandsuch store sent me for my birthday. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Those little savings can add up, and before you know it, you're going home with prepackaged naan, an overpriced made-in-India tablecloth, and a non-discounted running shirt. One of these things is not like the others. You know if you go to the coupon store, there will be a sports store within eyesight, and you will go in to just look at the clearance rack. And suddenly, you're talking return policies with the cashier in case you get home and realize that paying full price for a running tank is the stupidest thing you did all day. But then it might cost as much in fuel to return it, so you'll likely keep it. Then you'll realize that the only other place that might have matching bottoms is Lululemon. It's getting more and more like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie with every word I type. Book idea: If You Give a Runner Some Free Time (and Thirty Bucks). 

Remember when I said that navy blue is my new go-to color. So, yup, that's what happened. Nike Fast Pace running tank. It's so lightweight the I might wear it every second of this already-too-hot-and-humid summerness in Alabama. 

Here's my lunch today: crunchy veggies to dip in a combo of refried beans, cheddar cheese, rice and avocado. I'm really loving the refried beans and cheese for dipping crispy veggies. It's almost a substitute for eating an entire bag of tortilla chips every day for lunch. I need crunch in my lunch.

Still going with the no desserts and no chips goal.

And if you're into golf, you might want to check out my new hat from the site of the 2012 Masters Golf Tournament. Nope, I don't play golf, but my husband went over to watch part of the tournament today, and he brought back a souvenir. I guess you're supposed to brush your hair when you wear these types of hats. Isn't not brushing your hair the whole point of hats?

Other than my possible stress fracture, it's been a good sports week. The only team we're allowed to cheer for in basketball won the national championships. I'm no basketball pro, but it could have something to do with this.


Looks like we need to invest in some of these.


Let's see if we can replicate Kentucky's defense too.

Kentucky's version.


Our at-home version.

Kentucky doesn't have all the action.

And thanks to Amy at Designed to Be Fit, I won a Chickband today. So far, it's been one lucky week. Except for that whole thing about my leg possibly splitting in two.


  1. Yes, yes, yes... Running keeps me out of the shopping malls too! I can relate! And then when I am out shopping, it's usually for run stuff!
    Try & embrace your rest days, your body will thank you.

  2. I have a hard time with rest days too. Especially if they are injury induced or almost injured induced. The bean dip looks delicious. I will have to try that. Much better for me then drowning veggies in Ranch.

  3. Oh geez! Sorry to hear about the possible sfx--may it not be so. I LOVE that top and would have shelled out for it as well. I have navy Nike capris (3 pair WTH?) and that would go perfectly. Who doesn't love a little purple afterall?
    I got black bean and quinoa chips at Trader Joes that are to die for.

    1. I need to raid your Capri closet for this weekend's race!

  4. hahaha I love the "at home version" and that SUCKS about the possible stress fracture. I got for my BONE SCAN next tuesday. sigh. keep me posted. maybe we can be cross training partners....I hope not :) (Love you, hate injuries)

  5. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog last week, I look forward to following you and learning more about you! If you succeed in the no dessert, no chips thing.....tell me how!!!

    I'm not much of a basketball fan, but I am a huge Mizzou fan (I'm originally from Missouri) and I am thrilled that Kentucky put the beat down on our arch nemesis, the KU Jayhawks. We hate them! So yay for UK!

    Crossing my fingers that there is NO stress fracture.


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