April 26, 2012

Thrift store Thursday

Just what you all have been waiting for, to see what kind of junk I can get for 5 dolla.

Running junk: 2009 Kara Goucher Runner's World $.39, Old Navy running shorts with built-in unders (don't worry I have a sanitize cycle on the wash) $1.74 after a 30% discount.

I was pretty excited that with this issue of Runner's World I recognized a runner without having to look at the name on the cover. It's Kara Goucher so it wasn't that complex, but I barely recognize regular celebrities much less running celebrities. And those Old Navy shorts look nice on her. She should probably get a size smaller, and people should probably be less nerdy when setting up a picture. 

In case you wonder what else I like to buy at the thrift store, here are some non-running goods I picked up on the same trip. It was Old Navy day at the thrift store. Old Navy skirt $2.98, Old Navy shirt $1.98, Midwives $1.98.

Do you ever wear Old Navy workout gear? Love it or leave it?

What's the best book you've read lately? 

Hate or love Oprah's Book Club?

Would you/have you used a midwife? I used one for my second birth in Virginia, and it was by far my best birth experience. In Florida, it was against the law for the midwives to see me once I found out I was having twins because they automatically classify twins as high risk. Sadness.