April 3, 2012

Touring a cookie factory makes me not want to eat cookies

Today's workout: Bodyflow class (yoga/pilates), 7 mile run at 8:09 pace. The pace was easy up until the last mile when I had to kick it into high gear because my kids were reaching the childcare time limit.

My leg injury (from double speed work days -- never do that!) is still lingering, and I'm thinking about going in to get an x-ray to make sure that it isn't something more serious. It hurts about halfway up on the side/front of my left leg. I hardly ever get left-leg injuries because I'm very strongly right-footed. Usually if something messes up, it's in my strong, leader leg, but this time, it's the other guy. It usually starts to gradually hurt about a mile into my runs. At some point during this morning's run, I couldn't feel it anymore (around mile 4 or 5), but later when I was not running, I felt it again, and more intensely than while running. It feels like a bone pain, so I want to make sure nothing is about to snap that I'm not aware of. Now that it's nighttime and it's had time to rest, I don't feel any pain at this point. Any thoughts from the e-friends and webmd experts?

This morning, the twins and I also toured a local cookie factory, Bud's Best Cookies. It is interesting touring a cookie factory while not eating desserts and really not wanting your kids to be interested in eating them. Good luck with that last one, self. We hardly ever had sweets in my growing-up house, and now look at me. I'm a full-fledged sweet-oholic.

For the tour, you hop on a cute little train and ride around the factory, looking at the cookie process from the dough to the ovens to the packaging to the shipping. Seeing all the bags and bags of cocoa, dextrose monohydrate (to sweeten), and flour made me feel slightly nauseated, and while the machines were really cool to watch operate, I couldn't help but think how gross it would be to see the millions of faces cramming in little cream cookies and vanilla wafers. Pounds and pounds of sugar, e-people. It loses its appeal when you see it in such massive portions.

The tour guide also talked about how the business is family owned and about how many people it employs, from the factory worker to the farmers to the truck drivers (shout out to Lucky Chuck), so it's not all bad. Right? I just can't get past the thousands of boxes of cookies that are feeding someone's sugar addiction right at this moment. And probably will be feeding mine in a few weeks because I'm saving that free bag of animal crackers we got at the end of the tour. It's all mine when my no-dessert goal is finished, unless a little person gets to it first, which is likely. We frequently wake up to the refrigerator contents emptied onto the kitchen floor, and the twins are guaranteed to go for the sweetest thing in the kitchen. They never sneak carrots, dang it!

The good news is that I already told my older kids that we could tour the factory with them during the summer. I guess the interesting factory mechanics and free cookie part won out over the grossed-out-by-sugar-face-stuffing part. If nothing else, it can prove to them that moms and grandmas can make cookies with more love and chocolate chips than factory robots. But if I am desperate for sweets at a Pilot truck stop, I'll buy Bud's Best. Support your local economy! And I'd much rather buy cookies from a factory I've toured and of which I've verified the cleanliness with my own eyeballs. That will basically never happen for me with another cookie brand/factory ever again. Not because I don't want to. But because how often do you live near a cookie factory? It could actually be a lot. I did zero research.

And while we're talking about local businesses, I just saw a commercial for a local barber shop that used "tired of getting those whack and not-so-tight haircuts" as their hook. At this point, pretty much nothing can stop me from going there.

You know what else is whack? When your child puts on a perfectly good pajama shirt that has been passed down through two older siblings (and maybe more friends before that) and it comes out of a toddler wrestling match all ripped up like the Incredible Hulk had something to do with it. How exactly did that happen? The quality of clothes is really deplorable these days. They don't even last ten (million) years.

And last, thanks so much to Running with Spatulas for hosting the virtual 10K and setting up awesome prizes of which I won a Handful bra. I'm so excited to try them out! After nursing four babies, I need all of the help I can get.