April 15, 2012

Yo Lil Momma Runs

What happened this week? Well, I got one year closer to getting my extra five minutes to qualify for Boston. Seriously, watch out next year, Boston. Because I will be creeping up on you with my elderliness, and those five minutes might be just what I need. Also, I could use some actual speed work, not just the stuff I make up and stop abruptly in the middle or whenever I feel like it.

This week in workouts:
Monday -- Bodypump and 5 miles on the track, avg. pace 8:01, no pain in my leg!
Tuesday -- volleyball for an hour and six hundred new knee bruises (weird but I love knee bruises) to remember it.
Wednesday -- 4 miles of running on track at 7:49 pace, 4 miles of walking. Surprise, my leg hurt today, which is why I walked the rest of my mileage. Did the higher speeds hurt it? I was trying to do a fast/slow, sprint/jog mix with running.
Thursday -- 10 miles on treadmill, avg. pace 8:14. Leg hurt some at the end, but I found if I shift my center of gravity forward, I don't get any of the sharp pains. Weird. Explanations? Anyone, anyone?
Friday -- 8 miles on track, avg. pace 8:08. Leg fine.
Saturday -- 17.31, avg. pace 8:54. My Garmin died so that's why I have weird mileage. I meant to run 18. Oh well. Last long run of training, even though I am already supposed to be tapering. I wanted to throw in one more long run to make up for three crappy training weeks.

I will not have any taper whining or madness (pinky swear to myself). My body needs the taper, and I might take it even easier than my plan prescribes. I don't want to risk crashing and burning on Apr. 28th. My leg felt fine at the beginning of the week, but some of the pains came back this week when I tried to get into higher speeds. I'm wondering if it's because of the shift in my stride when I try to run faster. It seems like if I make a point to lean forward more and get my chest over/in front of my feet, I have almost no pain.

Look what I found in my inbox this week. Rocking knee highs and double buns. I love her.

My last bit of happy news is that I'll be sharing my birthday love by giving away something from this picture (below) this week. Can you guess what it is? And if awkwardness was something I could send in the mail, I could overnight it to all of you. But no, that's not it.