May 7, 2012

Marathon recovery and summer goals

First, don't forget to go here and enter to win some compression socks from Pro Compression. They have two sets (knee and ankle height) to give away to some of you cool people!

Now on to running.

Recovery week: because I spent the whole week whining about the Nashville marathon, I didn't have time to document any of my workouts. The main theme was easy. I did some walking, some BodyFlow, some more walking, some stationary biking, and some reading while I did these activities. I experienced just a little soreness on the Sunday after the marathon, and by Monday, I was fine (thanks, Hanson marathon training), but I knew I needed a mental break because I wanted to put running in a mean headlock and commence with a noogie. By Thursday or Friday, I was starting to get jealous of people running around me on the track, so I knew that running was about to be my frenemy again.

Saturday I went running with a couple of friends, including Mekelle who is planning to run Savannah too. We have been meaning to run together for a while, and I'm so glad we finally did it! Exhibit A: she has an amazing stride. One step to every two of my steps. Exhibit B: she wants to qualify for Boston, which is always on my mind, but having someone standing there saying they are going to do it gives me the guts to declare my devotion to the idea too. Thanks, Mekelle!

After our run, I started to research and contemplate putting more focused work into my training. I need to shave off 11 minutes from my fastest marathon, which included perfect weather and a slightly downhill course. It was 8:38 average pace, and I need 8:13. It doesn't seem like a huge difference, but it might be. Last year, the Savannah weather was perfect with a smidge of warm at the end of the race, so I won't have to worry about a Nashville repeat, but there are some small hills. Nothing crazy. The highest elevation is 62 ft., so you know it can't be too horrible.

Step one in my research was checking out the McMillan running calculator and plugging in the numbers. If I could run a 3:35 marathon, I should be able to pull off about a 22-minute 5K (7:06 pace) and a 45-minute 10K (7:22 pace). So those are my summer goals. I still need to come up with a training plan, but at least I have something specific to shoot for. I knew I wanted to get faster in shorter distances, but now I know just how fast I need to get.

And here is some more info from McMillan on my optimal training speeds for running a 3:35 marathon.

On Saturday, we ran 5.3 miles together, and because I was still in a good mood about running, I went home and did 1.4 miles of hill repeats. My average pace for the full 6.7 miles was 8:45. See the hills at the end? That's literally at my front door. So I step out and start running up and down. This week, I ventured past the first stop sign to the second one. Such a risk taker. Really, I hate crossing that street because cars blaze around the corner all the time, but also I use it as an excuse to not work as hard. No more excuses, party people! I crossed the street, and I think I might do it again one day.

Today on the gym track, I ran 5 miles in 37.25. It felt great, and I tried to push it on the last mile coming in at just over 7 minutes. My average heart rate averaged 158 with a high of 170 (during the last mile), so I feel good about keeping it in The Zone.

I was also wearing my new New Balance 890 shoes that I won from and Boring Runner, who just qualified for Boston. While I was bombing Nashville, Boring Runner was killing Eugene. If you take that last phrase out of running context, it sounds like we should be arrested. But back to the shoes, they are so light! I have noticed a theme that after a marathon, I can run my daily runs slightly faster with the same effort, but it could also just be the shoes. Right? Comfortable, light, with lots of air flow. I think I might want these on my feet in Savannah, if I don't wear them out before then.

I got another present in the mail -- this pepper spray that I won from Too Tall Fritz and Personal Savers. When I lived in Russia, mace saved me from a skinhead attack. I sprayed, and the attacker backed off and fell to the ground, which gave us enough time to hail a cab and take off before he got up again. I know some people think these sprays can do more harm to you than good, but after my experience, I believe in their ability to buy you some time to get away from an attacker and get help.

We also had fun this weekend with our first ever drink stand. These kids made $25 in two hours. What the? I'm going to start sending them out every weekend to earn some race entry fees.

And in other weekend news, guess who had to share sweaty soccer socks because they misplaced their 

And guess who made this mess today in less then five minutes? At least they tried to clean it up with those rags, and at least they were trying to eat the eggs. Oh wait, is that good or bad in this scenario? Not wasting food equals good, but raw eggs may equal bad. It's super sad because those were the last of the fresh farm eggs from KY. Serious frowny face right here.

Currently reading Run! That title makes it hard to punctuate a sentence, but I just read that you aren't supposed to add extra punctuation. Good to know! After a few chapters, I'm not dying to finish, but maybe it will draw me in with the next few chapters. Either way, it's a bit of a slow starter for me.

I just finished Girl in a Blue Dress, which was a fast starter but a slow finisher. I kept expecting more plot resolution from the ending, but it didn't happen. More frowns.

I had a trial run with my Old Navy thrift store shorts. Two thumbs up. Comfy and not too pinchy in the waist region. Picture gets two thumbs down for blurry and awkward, and it looks like I might stab someone with my keys. Watch out, fellow track walkers!

What's the scariest running goal you have ever set? Mine just happened in this post. The part where I said I wanted to run a 3:35 marathon. I thought about erasing it so the world wouldn't know my dreams, but I'm too lazy. Too lazy to use the delete key, and just crazy enough to set a goal (the week after my least stellar marathon performance) to qualify for Boston. 

What's your favorite running shoe? 

What are you reading right now?