May 3, 2012

Pro Compression Trainer Lows review and giveaway

Normally, I make my big sock investments in the knee-length compression socks. For everyday trainers I bought the cheapest sock they had at my local running store. My method kind of doesn't really make sense. Why would I spend the bulk of my money on socks that I wear less often?

So when Pro Compression offered to send over some Trainer Lows to review, I felt pretty confident that I could test the heck out of them. Every day. On the track. On the treadmill. And then those two places again and again and again because that's what I do. Run. Every day. 

The first thing that I noticed about these socks is that they have more forefoot and heel padding than the knee-length Marathon socks I have from Pro Compression. Anywhere that you see gray on the socks is a spot with more cushion. Because I already wear a pretty thick orthotic in my shoes, I wondered if the extra thickness and padding would make my foot uncomfortable or make my shoes fit too tightly. 

I wear a size 7 in everyday shoes, and I tried both the small/medium and x-small of these socks. For me, the small/medium had just a touch more bulk than I want around my toes, but the x-small was perfect. If you are in between sizes on their chart, consider going down a size. Once I figured out the best size for my foot, the extra padding at the forefoot wasn't noticeable at all while running but still gave me an added bit of cushion for my daily foot pounding. 

Left XS, right SM/MD

When you slip these socks on, they feel like a hug for your foot, especially around the arch. Pro Compression calls it their stabilizer zone, created to promote balance from the ground up. The socks are extremely easy to slip on, but once on, you feel the compression working its magic. They're the kind of socks that you don't want to take off because they feel great on your foot. I sometimes wear these all day even when I'm not running.

I also normally wear socks that are slightly shorter, just out of habit, not for a practical reason. These came up a little higher around my ankles which I liked because lately I've been having problems with my shoelaces rubbing against my skin and causing hot patches while running. I can try and tie my laces a special way to avoid that, but with these socks, I just tie quickly and go because I have that extra little bit of ankle protection. Also, because of the snug fit around the ankle, these would make great socks for a trail run where you are trying to keep mother nature's debris from working its way into your socks.

I also never noticed the seams during my runs. The less I notice my socks while running the better! If they cross my mind, it's usually because something is wrong.

Bottom of the sock

Pro Compression is another company that makes their products in the USA, which I love. More jobs on the continent and all.

And they still have the cool Michellie Jones socks in the Trainer Lows, in black and white. But if you're thinkin' about my baby it don't matter if you're black or white. Is it even possible to reference black and white together without bringing Michael J. into it? Not in our house.

So if you're thinking these are freaking cute and you want to give your foot a compression hug too, today is your day. One of you readers gets to try out a two-pair pack of the Trainer Lows, your choice of color and size. Don't worry, Yo Dudes, they have colors other than pink and stars.

As an added bonus, another reader will get to try a pair of Pro Compression Marathon socks, like the ones I wore for the Ocala Marathon and reviewed here. And they still have blue argyle. Yes, please. Also your choice of size and color.

Also, Pro Compression is giving 25% off to any Yo Momma reader with the code YMR25, expires June 1st. Check out their selection here.

To enter: 

In the comments section of this post, tell me one feature you can't live without in your running socks.

*Also tell me if you are only interested in one of the types of socks that I'm giving away. I'll automatically enter you for both types with each entry, so if you don't want one of the pairs, I can leave you out of that drawing.

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Entries accepted until midnight on Wednesday, May 9th.

Pro Compression provided socks for review and giveaway. They gave me no other compensation, and all the opinions and Michael Jackson quotes are straight from my own noggin.