May 15, 2012

Proud Runner review and giveaway

Remember the lightning bolt socks I rocked for my most recent Girls on the Run 5K?

 From Who Ate My Blog?

And up close.

Yup, those are the ones. These came with a package of goodies from Proud Runner, a site created by a runner to connect other runners with a variety of running products that help you take pride in your running accomplishments. And to help you runners have fun while you are running! Did I say running enough in those last two sentences? I went back and added it a few more times just in case. But you get the point, right? It's all about making running fun. You know you've all had those moments where you were sore and out of breath and hating life running up a hill. If you haven't, let's break up. Anyway, Proud Runner reminds you that running makes you feel alive and free spirited and cool (with the wind whipping by and with your attitude).

As a soccer player turned runner, the knee-high socks have always appealed to me, and if you are trying to send a message, they offer more canvas for that message. At my 5K, I got tons of compliments on my lightning bolts. People got the message, "Let's do this and have some fun, y'all!"

Are you industrious?


On Team Edward?

Personally, I just love all things stripes.

When I showed my daughter the lightning bolt pair that Proud Runner sent, she declared, "They're the best stormy pair you could find!" She is always profound in her assessments.

What I love about these socks is that they are super comfortable, and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. They are made with 75% cotton, 20% polyester and 5% spandex. The top of the socks don't pinch into my skin, and they feel sturdy and soft. Also, they are not too loose for my size-7 foot. They fit sizes 5-10 and cost $9 a pair.

There is a seam in the toe, but I didn't notice it all in my 5K. If I were racing with a group of friends it would be so fun to order some matching socks to unify the group. I saw several groups at Girls on the Run who did that (along with tutus and hair coloring spray), and it just made the atmosphere so much more festive. I'm all about being serious when it comes to running, but I also think that races are a chance to celebrate our hard work and get a little cray cray with funky outfits! Especially with shorter races where you aren't obsessed with how much you are sweating and chafing the last (what feels like) 200 miles.

If you're racing in the colder months, these might offer a little extra warmth too, but even though I was racing in the summer, these did not blaze my legs off. They felt comfortable from our 6 a.m. volunteer start to our 10 a.m. clean-up, plus a race in the middle.

Proud Runner also offers arm warmers, stickers, crew length socks, Sweaty Band headbands, shirts and pace tattoos.

Pace tattoos (you can custom order for your time goal) are an amazing idea because all distance runners know there comes a point where your brain cannot add 1+1, much less tell you how fast you should be running to reach your goal.

I also tried out these products.

The temporary tattoos are another way to make your race feel like a special day, and if you like it enough on race day, you could get the permanent tattoo. I need more of the no excuses tattoos for my forehead so that my children can read it every time I give them a chore. That one could go permanent.

Also, the Sweaty Bands are great quality (great materials, flawless stitching), and of course, the velvet underside makes them the perfect option for runners. Those jokers will not move on your runs.

But back to awesome socks, two readers will win your choice of socks from Proud Runner! 

To enter: like Proud Runner on Facebook and tell them that Yo Momma sent you. Once again, that joke is not ever going to get old. Or is it? Based on the last three decades, we're still good.

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Proud Runner provided the products for me to test but did not compensate me in any other way for this review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are all mine.