May 17, 2012

Small running world and packing lunches

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Workouts so far this week

Monday: 5 indoor track miles, 7:42 average pace
Tuesday: 3 indoor track miles, 7:34 average pace, BodyPump class, 3/4 of a Cxworx class (hardest thing I have done in a long while -- may have pulled an ab muscle on the easiest level)
Wednesday: spin class, 5 miles at the Trak Shak run

First, why the heck does Les Mills have to spell and capitalize everything in an impossible way? It's like they are just trying to make it as messed up as possible so that you only have a 10% chance of ever getting it right. That's really pet peeving me right now. My gym pretty much only does Les Mills classes, which can get a little repetitive, but that CX howeveryouspellit class really kicked my tush in a new way. If you are into looking really awkward but at the risk of getting fit, you should try it. I will be going back because I was super great at the looking awkward part.

Second, the running world is small. Tonight I went out for the Trak Shak run because the stars aligned and my husband miraculously (or just left in the middle of a meeting) made it home from work in time for me to go. When I didn't see any of my potential running buddies at the start, I decided to head out solo, but I caught up with a girl who had a map of the route. Score because I didn't know where I was going and double score because then I didn't have to run alone. When I told her where my husband worked, she said that her sister worked there too, and I thought that it was definitely a long shot that they would know each other. It's not a small company. Turns out that her sister is the one person in the office that I have heard a lot about because she runs marathons (with the sister who was running with me tonight). My husband has been trying to set me up on a run date with her for forever. And they run under the tutelage of this awesome blogger, who I just recently found on the interwebs. Running world equals small, and I love it.

Third, did you wonder if I was back to eating chips from that time when I was about to run a marathon and wasn't eating chips in the weeks leading up to the race? After the five bags I bought at Trader Joe's to serve at the pity party I had for myself because of the crappy race, I would say that I'm back on the chip wagon, but my last bag is only a quarter full so things might get ugly around her really soon. Especially if I end up with more dip than chips. Worst.

If you cover your chips with enough other toppings, people might not even realize that they are there at all. The purplish chips even blend in with the spring mix.

On to the last random tidbit. When I was in Los Angeles last summer, I stocked up on amazing lunch boxes and accessories. If you need the best lunch boxes and you live in LA, hit up Little Tokyo. Or if you live in Alabama, go to

This rice mold also works for mashed potatoes. 

And we are obsessed with these boiled egg molds too.


My 8 and 6 year olds pack their own lunches, but sometimes I get in the mix with a heart-shaped potato splat. And if you are wondering, they have to follow a pattern for packing lunch. Must haves: one fruit, one vegetable, one main dish. They have freedom to choose their main dish, and they are only allowed to pack a dessert if they ask permission. They just started packing their own lunches this year, and even though my son has occasionally packed only a carrot stick and a slice of bread (without a container, just floating in his lunch bag), I think it is working out. Plus, now he'll already be prepared for college student eating.

Do you pack a lunch? Does anyone else in your family pack a lunch? 

What are your must-haves for packed lunches? Cuties and string cheese

Who is the coolest person you've met through running?