May 1, 2012

Snacks, freebies, and why running is awesome

Still working on that race recap for the Nashville Marathon. I had to have a day of being spaced out from heat exhaustion, a day of crying about it and a day of not caring about it. So now I think I'm ready to write about it. I mean tomorrow of course.

So on to some random tidbits for the day.

Why was I wearing this the week before the marathon? How did it get from puffy jacket weather to heat stroke hot? Goodbye, traffic-cone orange jacket. I miss you already.

My new workout is filling this up over and over and over again. Still rehydrating three days later.

At least Trader Joe's provided delicious snacks for my pity party. It was worth the drive to Nashville.

My new favorite quote about running from Bill Rodgers (he won the Boston Marathon four times back in the day). It's so true! Even when I was walking during the race on Saturday, people were cheering me on. What other sport do they cheer for every single person no matter what they are doing?

I found these awesome pictures in the marathon photo mix. Planking and quadruple hugs while they waited for me to finish running. I love it.

 And some goodies I won came in the mail this week and last week!

Thanks, Diary of an Average Runner and Profoot!

Thanks, Neon Blonde Runner and Skin Sake!

Thanks, Designed to Be Fit and Chick Bands!

Cool, right!? So much awesome stuff to try out.

And speaking of free stuff, I have these window clings from my race, and I already have a set. Does anyone need some window clings? If you want some, email me at yomommaruns at gmail. The first person who emails me can have them. It's no Skin Sake, but maybe your ride really needs to be blinged out with a flame. Mine is.