May 17, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday

You know you're in Alabama when the magazine sections at the thrift store are labeled Men Magazines and Lady Magazines.

Of course, I'm always checking out the stacks for old copies of Runner's World, but which side should I be checking out? Men like to run and are really muscular and can grow beards. Women like to run too but also have babies and wear skirts. This is so hard! And according to these stacks, men care about money, golf, computers and politics, and women care about hairstyles, celebrity gossip, Oprah and cooking.

Turns out the Runner's World is an equal opportunity magazine at the thrift shop.

If they had a girl on the cover, they made it into Lady Magazines.

If they featured a dude (shirtless or not), they made it into Men Magazines

Because I've already read this issue, I decided to mess with the Alabama thrift store status quo.

There are gonna be some really confused magazine purchasers out there. 

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