May 4, 2012

When the music dies and my marathon playlist

Just like you can remember where you were when you heard about the twin towers on 9-ll, I remember where I was when I found out Kurt Cobain died, and today when I heard that Adam MCA Yauch from the Beastie Boys died, I felt like I was hearing this news about a childhood BFF. I immediately started crying when I read the Facebook status (yes, that was my major news source) that mentioned his death. Don't worry, I don't normally cry when celebrities who I don't know in real life die, but there is something different about certain musicians. You hear their voices whispering to you through your headphones so often that you come to feel like they are part of your life. I spent a lot of my childhood fighting for my right to party, and just as I decided to grow up, the B-Boy's music grew up a little bit too.

Remember The In Sound from Way Out?

Also did I mention that I really hate cancer lately? My prayers are going out to all my people who are feeling the effects of cancer in their life right now. Kick that junk in the craphole.

So to honor MCA, I'm making today's post all things music. Or at least one thing music -- my unused playlist from the Nashville marathon. Remember how my ear bud kept falling out, and I wasn't feeling music in general that day. This marathon playlist is basically my most recent half marathon playlist, upgraded to full. And of course every playlist of mine includes at least one Beastie Boys song. Obligatory, for life.

Because music didn't work for me during this marathon, I felt kind of cheated from this playlist, like we didn't get our deserved time together. So I've been listening to it every day as I walk (and dream of running) around the gym track or slowly pedal the stationary bike while I catch up on reading. Or fold the million loads of laundry that come with potty training twins. These are the highlights of rest week after a marathon.

In case you are wondering, I've cut down from my first marathon playlist that was 9 hours long. This one is 4.5. Perfect.

While you're considering if you should unfriend me because I have two Katy Perry songs on my playlist, check out this interview I did with Bouffe e Bambini. This lady is amazing! I should be the one interviewing her to find out how she blogs, moms, works, and trains for marathons! Oh, and BTW NBD she lost over 100 pounds the old fashioned way -- setting reasonable goals, tweaking her diet, and exercising. Check out this post where she talks about how she met her goals, and you can see her before and after pictures. She is oozing Ikickbuttsauce. That's kind of gross how I put butt and sauce in the same word, but I'm leaving it.

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